Funcom, we need to talk about recipes

I’ve been playing this game for several years but for the first time I feel that things are becoming a big mess. I’m talking ofcourse about feats. Let me give a few examples:

  1. The way feats are handled right now is simply inconsistent. For example: I have the Conan Royal armor set, but it doesn’t show up anywhere among my feats and yet every single item in the Twitch drops Watchers set gets its own icon. I find this immensely annoying and it only adds to the feeling of total chaos when I look at the available feats.

  2. There is a HUGE descrepancy between what the developers have made available in the game and what has been catalogued on the Conan Exiles Wiki. Try to find Beast-tamer Frida the Accursed and you get the page of Beast-tamer Frida in the Exiled Lands. This is not just a little confusing, especially for new players. And then of course there is the number of recipes that are currently available on Siptah. I think I can somewhat piece it together from going into admin mode in single player, but honestly … it’s making me dizzy.

  3. Instead of just complaining on the forums I thought I might do something myself by volunteering to help out with the Conan Exiles Wiki. I went onto the Discord channel, greeted everyone, introduced myself and I got zero response. Not one person bothered to say hello, let alone talk to me. I’m very worried about the moment when server transfers get here and all recipes on both maps become available. I wonder if anyone has a clue about how many recipes are available now. Is there going to be a seperate wiki for the Isle of Siptah or will we see an overlapping recipe page with feats from both maps?

To make matters even worse, now there is an issue with the yellow lotus just randomly wiping your Esoteric Library recipes.

Does anyone have a clue where this is going? I’m worried because for me, and I think a lot of other players, getting all the recipes is the biggest deal in the game. You lose bases, thralls, weapons, etc. The only thing you keep are recipes. I think it’s high time that this issue is recognized and dealt with.


Funcom doesn’t update the wiki, you know that right? “The wiki is a flexible web-based database of information made up entirely of user contributions, utilizing MediaWiki software.”

And at the bottom of the page “This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. and is not affiliated with the game publisher”

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The wiki, as you know, is run by volunteers. So it sometimes takes a while for it to be updated.

As far as I’m aware they are only different in name. Frida in the Exiled Lands has the same damage modifier as Siptah. This is the case across the board.

Most feats are readily available on both maps. It is also my understanding that server transfer will make Siptah recipes available in the exiled lands. So overlap will be somewhat inevitable.

It’s a known issue, and they are working on it.

Yes, I know, however, it is in the interest of their game that players have something to fall back on and several community managers have a leading role in the discord channel where fans discuss what and how to contribute to the wiki page.

I’m apprehensive as to whether the accursed version of the beast tamers are identical, for one they do not have the same starting HP.

That can only be possible if they introduce eldarium and delving on the Exiled Lands.

Siptah has been here for over a year. How many years do you think it takes?

Siptah has been going through a lot of changes over the past months perhaps the Volunteers did not want to put out information that would no longer accurate and get fallout for it.

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You will be able to transfer with items in your inventory (backpack).

Siptah has changed drastically over that time span. I think the guys working on the wiki are doing a great job keeping up with all the new additions.


Have you seen the Conan Exiles wiki lately? Because it doesn’t sound like you have.

Hopefully you have an active server, and of course your have access here for any questions you have. As far as to the total number of recipes, I’ve seen no checklist for this and it’s an incredibly broad question which the wiki couldn’t help you with without knowing what you are searching for.

On the contrary, there was a perfectly good page for this on the Exiled Lands. I can’t link it here because I’m new to the forum, but if you go to the Conan Exiles Wiki and scroll down on the main page you’ll see a link called recipes with a very adequate overview of all the recipes in Exiled Lands. It just hasn’t been updated for over a year.

Anyway, it’s obvious that this feedback is not appreciated. I got no response on Discord and apparantly this is the kind of response I got on the forums. Honestly: Fortnite has a better community than Conan Exiles. Sorry for pointing out the elephant in the room.

…we aren’t talking about EL though are we. We are talking about a recently released IoS. Which I offered you the best options for answering questions, including myself who has poured a ton of time into both. But, cop an attitude, I’m sure thatll help.


Siptah until recenlty was in early assess so things were not guaranteed to stay the same before its launch (and things were changed).

Granted Siptah page is not nicely laid out at the moment like Exiled Lands, but I am sure over time it will be organized similar to EL. Kudos to all the volunteers who work on the Wiki. Pulling data and entering it in takes time that we should appreciate all the hard work that those did so far and continue to add/edit for our benefit.

Most people do not want to spend hours entering data (for free) where they could be playing Conan Exiles.


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