Change in Recipes, game mechanics and more

Hi everyone!

Let me say straight off that i adore this gem of a game. I came to the party late and only got to know of this game mid 2020. Been playing with buddies in our private server and went through the exiled lands multiple times. Embarking on siptah right now.

I am however, no stranger to Funcom. After 3.5 yrs of TSW ( from beta testing till… well you know the drill ), I do understand the… hesitation if suggestions seemed to be on deaf ears. (God knows how many suggestions we gave to them for tsw ). Ultimately though, I moved on to other games.

There’s some really weird recipes that needs changing. Things like epic aquilonian needing iron while the regular one needing hardened steel (or was it steel? )is… moronic at best.

Then there’s the tier 2 wheel of pain feat that gives access to iron truncheon… but needing steel to craft. I mean… i need steel to craft a table that crafts me an iron truncheon. What it should have been is that at tier 1 wheel, you gain the ability to craft iron truncheon without the need for the bench. Then, once you get the bench, you gain access to steel truncheon. Then, once you gain tier 3 wheel, you are able to craft special bindings, that you can hook onto a mount. This will create that sense of progression tying in with other stuff.

Also, the new grandmaster benches do not have access to normal recipes. A grandmaster, forgetting basic recipes? Seems off no? Wouldnt it be better to be able to craft the basic recipes as well, thus not needing so much space for both improved and grandmaster tiers.

There needs to be some changes as well with the epic recipes and basically make full use of the pelts. For instance, how about the epic hyena fur armor using hyena pelt as well, rather than just hardened leather and steel reinforcements? Or maybe using bear pelt for the epic pictish heavy, or adding proper bone armor, not like the darfari ones. For instance, dragon bone armor?

There is quite a heavy ‘Monster Hunter’ vibe in both the exiled lands and siptah, where you basically hunt the local fauna for gear and you get better gear ( and loot ) to fight stronger fauna.

So say you kill the Rotten Hulk at the circle of the ravager in siptah. You skin it and gain the diseased pelt, which then you can craft the Medium Diseased Armor, giving a chance to deal damage back each time you get hit. BUT! You need hardened leather, fragment of power, and steel reinforcements, with that diseased pelt. That way, it makes it more enjoyable, aside from getting the drops, to also get recipe to craft its own unique armor.

There’s also the issue of epic dlc armor using starmetal… I’d say, change that and let them use hardened steel instead. Let starmetal be for legendary gear. Now that you can have eldarium, you can use eldarium as an… additive to the starmetal gear that you can craft. So say i need to craft Mercenary two hander. I need eldarium, starmetal, hardened leather / layered fur and the weapon handle to craft the weapon. A legendary weapon should be… hard to craft. Its legendary. Right now, since you can already get legendaries from drops, its just too easy. You can get 47 eldarium just by going through 3 vaults.

But what about Exiled lands then? I’d say include eldarium in the dungeons found throughout the world. Places like Midnight grove, Klael’s stronghold, godbreaker, should be epic places to delve into. Not just as a place for discovery, but for resources and gear.

Pretty sure the community has communicated this before me so im just here to reiterate what can be done to make this game much more than it already is.

Till later, stay sharp Exiles.

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