In Response to the Dev Letter - Recipes and Travel

Dear Dev Team,

Thank you very much for the Isle of Siptah Producer Letter posted Dec. 18. My clan and I along with all our Discord members really appreciate how you listen to fans. It’s one of your great strengths as a company.

Before I go further, I just want to say I am writing primarily from a PVP point of view. I love the PVE content and use it quite a bit. But my concern is mainly from a PVP perspective.

There are two items from the Producer Letter that were either unclear or unannounced that I want to touch on: travel back and forth between the Exiled Lands and Siptah; and getting recipes on the Isle of Siptah.

I’ll start with recipes. At the moment, if I want to make something like a Black Ice Pick on Siptah, how would I do that? The recipe, if it’s in Siptah at all, would drop only randomly from surges. The odds of me getting that specific recipe are about nil. The same goes for cooking. If I want Specialist Cooking VII, how would I ensure I get it?

One of the biggest advantages the Exiled Lands has is its lack of randomness. You know for certain where everything is. While some might argue that makes the Exiled Lands stale, I’d point out how foolish such a statement would be. First, the content is lore-rich and engaging to interact with. Second, if it’s so stale, why has almost the entire playerbase returned to it? Why do people with 6 thousand hours in the game still love the Exiled Lands? I’d argue it’s because the Exiled Lands gives you expectations and then meets them. Third, the game is not about the content, but also about player to player interactions, building bases, and immersion.

I suggest putting knowledge tablets or recipe books all over the map. Maybe you could have NPCs with the recipes that will give them to players for a price. Or perhaps something else. There just needs to be a way for players to get the precise recipe they want exactly when they want to go get it.

The delving bench randomness is fine, but hiding recipes like Specialist Brewing III is just irritating. Some recipes at really important, like Specialist Ammunition IV. Those arrows are pretty important for PVP, and leaving them up to chance is a real problem. It gives whoever finds them first a huge advantage. Please find a solution if at all possible.

The second item is travel back and forth between the Exiled Lands and Siptah. The Producer letter is unclear. It says “character transfers” which is different from what was discussed in the Dev QnA on September 22, when the question that was asked was specifically about “travel” not “transfer”.

If what you’re offering is a one time transfer of a character from an Exiled Lands server to a Siptah server, it will not do anything to impress the playerbase. The Exiled Lands is the preferred map. It will ALWAYS be the preferred map by the core playerbase because they have discovered so many of the wonderful efficiencies the map has to offer. It’s the map they’ve grown up with. It’s the map they’re fond of. Siptah will never offer the same experience. It’s just a different place. The Exiled map is just perfectly designed and extremely rewarding to play.

If Siptah becomes a place we can visit like the underwater dungeons where we fight the Dagon fish people, then that would be perfect. It would make the battle field very large and give players enough room and resources to build cool bases that accommodate all the new gigantic crafting benches. If PVPers have to choose between the two maps, they’re just going to stick with the one they know. That’s how PVPers are. They want certainty and consistency in their gameplay. Randomness, ambiguity, and surprise are an anathema to PVP play.

Failure to connect the two maps permanently, constantly, and persistently will result in the same cycle we just witnessed: a sudden burst of interest in Siptah, then a slow steady stream of players back to the Exiled Lands.

Thank you for listening. I wish you a very happy holiday season.


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