Siptah, Surges, events?

Everything I have seen thus far is impacting the exiled lands. Currently I am playing on Siptah, and other than Surges being the only real way to get recipes, religions and such, it seems like many people will be migrating back to the exiled lands.

The exiled lands reward exploration a touch more than Siptah, due to searching out items, and other things of value, where as Siptah sort of vomits it out after you collect enough stuff to pull off a surge.

I see that the Exiled lands are getting a lot of events and even the surge.

Personally, I love Siptah for what it is, but I am wondering if more people will hop back to the exiled lands, just for the sheer opportunity to participate in these events.

What is planned for us on Siptah I wonder.

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I like both maps. I’m not sure but I think all of the new 3.0 “events” (if that’s what you’re talking about) will be happening on all maps not exclusive to one or the other.

Currently I’m spending most of my time on a private server cluster where all three maps (Exiled Lands, Siptah, and Savage Winds) are linked together through Amunet’s Server Transfer mod. It allows free travel between any maps with no restrictions. So when I wanna do something on EL I just go do that. Or if I wanna farm something on Siptah and use it in EL or SW, no problem!

I’m digging it!


Surges are not the only real way to get recipes on siptah. Kinda the opposite. Recipe scrolls from surges are very low. Other then religion drops but once you have them its just duplicates. There is a ton of fixed location recipes to learn around the map, and once you have those, then all of the vaults have recipes at the end of them. Theres a huge pool of things to craft from vault recipes. You also have all the recipes from the center tower.

But none of that compares to the grey ones pools. Thats where you will get the most recipes from schematic fragments imo. Some of the pool statues have 5 enemies that drop a recipe fragment on every dead enemy. 5 schematics fragments turn into 1 recipe scroll. So 1 complete recipe scroll per statue run. Schematics fragments that turn into full recipe scrolls also have alot of the exiles land recipes and other rare scrolls you will never get in a surge because they dont drop in them. Lastly you can also delve for recipes on the delving bench. And that is also a huge list, in the hundreds.

As far as the events, both maps have the same ones from the testing Ive done. As far as surges, there isnt surges on exiles land, but there is an event that has a similar tornado cloud thing above it, but its not like a surge where you can call them in.

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me gusta siptha como exilio pero si siento que es mas facil siptha en exploracion y recolecccion de suministros

Yeah, but the grind behind it is insane to say the least

  • There are 200 different recipes that can be given with each recipe having the same chance of dropping.
  • The statistical average number of attempts to learn every recipe from Schematics Fragments is 1176.
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With Siptah there is very little reason to explore.

It feels lacking. But I am to invested at this point to start over.

0 desire to do surges or pools though, so Ill be sticking with the trash I have.

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