Frost Smithing - but no Frost Temple

I realize this has been asked before, but it died/got locked without response. So, let’s try again.

So, what are the plans regarding those recipes that can be randomly found on Siptah that you cannot craft because they require a specific crating location, which is in the Exiled Lands?


If I have to guess, the forge will be in the tower when it unlocks :laughing:

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Perhaps. It’d just be nice to know that they’re aware of the problem, even if the answer is a (relatively frustrating) “don’t worry you’ll see what it’s for”. I mean I know Funcom doesn’t like to explain their games much - they follow a “FIOS” approach (Figure It Out, Stupid) but it surely wouldn’t hurt to at least assure us that it’s not a bug.

Then again, they said “just wait, don’t worry” about the Mummy of the Ring, and well… yeah.


I remember their answer to a similar post, and it was either they find a way to include that content or just remove it from Siptah entirely.

Any chance of a link? I searched and didn’t find it. If they already answered it I’ll feel like an ■■■ for bringing it up again.

I wont dig up a post from more than a month ago, just take my word for it

Fair enough.

Dont worry they will pop again when they have a DLC to sell, they usually become active when they need money , thats when they make streams, and reply only to questions they like and ignore the rest XD,.

Well i found frost armor in some surge , that is used to delve into frost giant garb, but then i figure out i cant make that stuff without frost smithy, later i found out those dresses also drops from surges, so with scroll of it i just can repair them :smiley: but then i delve them and figure out delving drops just recipe for same dress…
Seems delving not working normal too

It was a reply to the SANDBEAST bile gland for venom infused weapons, you get the recipe but the bilegland does not exist on siptah.

The ‘tech tree’ of Siptah is messed up, ofc, as its just ported from Exiled Lands, but its not fit for the Siptah curve.

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