Feedback/Request: Khari armors

Dear Devs,

I would like to open by saying I appreciate all the work you all are putting into Isle of Siptah. The changes and updates are really making the map alot of fun.

I do have a request: Could we have access to the Khari armors on the Isle of Siptah? These are some of the most beautiful armors in the Exiled Lands that are obtained through a scroll recipe drop in the Wine Cellar dungeon. Now, adding the recipe itself would be fairly easily. Unfortunately, they are crafted with Khari metal that is also only obtainable in the Wine Cellar dungeon.

So could you, not only include the Khari armor recipes, but also make them require khari metal OR eldarium metal? That would keep the recipe intact for the Exiled Lands who don’t have access to Eldarium AND make the armors craftable by rare metal that is accessible on the Isle of Siptah.

Thank you for your consideration.


I’m sure this is coming, as they’ve said we will be ae to hop from Exiled Lands and Siptah. The library of esoteric artifacts is just one of many indicators that there’ll be stuff between the two lands that are either common, or obtainable by traveling between the two. We also have yet to see what they give us by adding the land masses in the south.

But to echo your wish, it is my hope as well what I’ve stated is true in some fashion.

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The recipes have been there for a while. You obtain them by delving Epic Stygian Raider.

You could obtain khari steel from the trap but now (as of patch 2.3) that the trap is used for something else, I am not sure whether the khari steel was moved elsewhere.


Thanks for pointing that out. I haven’t had a single Khari armor recipe drop in all my hours in Testlive or Live in Siptah. Not from random chests, random mobs, or even vault chests. Its good to know its there, somewhere, though, even if hidden behind a wall of RNG.

It is not really that RNG though. You get a recipe with 100% success when you delve now and the chance is 1 out of 3 to get the correct khari but you will always get a khari.


Well, something is glitching then because I’ve done all 14 vaults and didn’t get a single Khari armor recipe.

No mods either.

I did get five Godbreaker armor recipes though and four Cartographer recipes. And the others were library scrolls.

I said delving, you know the delving bench where you put an armor piece + eldarium and you get a recipe out of it.

Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, you said delving and I was still thinking of ‘delving as a dungeon excursion.’ My uncle loved to go spelunking and its a term used for exploring caves; so that’s my mistake confusing spelunking terminology with what Funcom is calling “delving.”


I had no idea about this, thanks alot. I now have all 3, although i ended up with some extra recipes. But i am happy, i rather like using khari in my mixed up sets.


I do wish the delved versions had some better boosted attributes. They are really some of the best looking sets in the game. Shame we have to trade form for function.

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Some of the parts provide +2 to 2 different attributes. Do some mix and mash, and you can get rather good stats. Use dyes to make a unified set. At least, that is my aproach.

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They do provide better attributes than the normal crafted sets.

Full war court:

Full darfari:

Unless you mean the delved khari armors. If so, they are the same khari recipes you can get in EL. Khari Light Helmet/Bracers/Boots are commonly used in PvP in combination with other set pieces as Charmain mentioned.

yeah, specifically the Khari delved is what I meant. The chart in wiki shows them to be the same as original Khari

Someone has documented many of the delving recipes here.

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Thank you! I had just started my own and was checking off the list from Wiki, but ran out of bars. Trying to do it by playing the game and not going admin mode. One of the things I enjoy immensely is documenting crafts in my spreadsheets as I play.

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