Isle of Siptah - Where is the Khari steel locations?

Trying to make an armor set.

Have found 2 or 3 bars in the well at Baywatch camp.

Have found Khari warhammer just east of fractured citadel in a broken tower with one of those skinless blood fiends or whatever.

Anyone have any other specific locations?

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You could target those Stygian minibosses wearing Khari gear, then toss any armor they may drop in a dismantling bench.

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You can find it by looting the Stygian camps chests, one even has a covered well that when you interact with it, has Khari steel. I’ve managed to pile up a few stacks of it by doing that. Not sure, but I think the Stygian camps on the latest land expansion seem be the better.

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Ok , still if @Mighty_Oakk allows me I have one more question here . Where do I find the recipes ? What use khari steel has if I don’t have recipes ?
I am only 2 weeks in Siptah and I can’t find the Ballance exile lands has . Maybe I am mistaken , but Siptah so far is a bit mess in some things , I feel that in some things we just reverse the bucket . Now in this island even knowledge is a matter of slot machines , even a damn e mote does not appear correctly , I kinda don’t like that .

Most likely the recipes are aquired via surges, smashing the Judge or the library in the tower.

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You get it by delving Epic Stygian Raider armor.

Forgive my lack of knowledge , I am a bit confused of how you get knowledge in this island , I didn’t try surge yet , I have to forget old exile habits looking for papers , books , or stones of knowledge i guess . It is ironic that you may farm for months exile lands and don’t get a maw of hyena , and interact on a table of Siptah and get it easy like that . I watched YouTube videos saying that surges are giving you religions , still so far I get two religions , Set and Derketo , by killing NPC’s in random camps . Yesterday I noticed that my first always bow was over my head NW . I am really happy I found this goat here too . I have way to go , so any info I get is gold guys , thank you all :+1:

Delving will give you a guaranteed recipe.

Combining 5 schematic fragments will give you a random recipe (avoiding spoilers on how-to).

The primary loot box at the end of vaults have a chance for a random recipe.

The tower in the center has recipes you can learn in exchange for power fragments.

There are a few locations scattered about that give you a specific recipe, such as Eldarium Braziers, Eldarium Tools, Eldarium Chests, Stygian Palisades, etc etc.

Keep an eye open around rivers/water. You will on occasion see something that looks like a bottle with a message in it. These are your emotes.

…and there’s more, but hopefully this keeps ya busy for a while :slight_smile: If you’d like more specifics or need more help give me a shout.


Copythat tysm!


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