Isle of Siptah - Where is the Khari steel locations?

Trying to make an armor set.

Have found 2 or 3 bars in the well at Baywatch camp.

Have found Khari warhammer just east of fractured citadel in a broken tower with one of those skinless blood fiends or whatever.

Anyone have any other specific locations?

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You could target those Stygian minibosses wearing Khari gear, then toss any armor they may drop in a dismantling bench.

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You can find it by looting the Stygian camps chests, one even has a covered well that when you interact with it, has Khari steel. I’ve managed to pile up a few stacks of it by doing that. Not sure, but I think the Stygian camps on the latest land expansion seem be the better.

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Ok , still if @Mighty_Oakk allows me I have one more question here . Where do I find the recipes ? What use khari steel has if I don’t have recipes ?
I am only 2 weeks in Siptah and I can’t find the Ballance exile lands has . Maybe I am mistaken , but Siptah so far is a bit mess in some things , I feel that in some things we just reverse the bucket . Now in this island even knowledge is a matter of slot machines , even a damn e mote does not appear correctly , I kinda don’t like that .

Most likely the recipes are aquired via surges, smashing the Judge or the library in the tower.

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You get it by delving Epic Stygian Raider armor.

Forgive my lack of knowledge , I am a bit confused of how you get knowledge in this island , I didn’t try surge yet , I have to forget old exile habits looking for papers , books , or stones of knowledge i guess . It is ironic that you may farm for months exile lands and don’t get a maw of hyena , and interact on a table of Siptah and get it easy like that . I watched YouTube videos saying that surges are giving you religions , still so far I get two religions , Set and Derketo , by killing NPC’s in random camps . Yesterday I noticed that my first always bow was over my head NW . I am really happy I found this goat here too . I have way to go , so any info I get is gold guys , thank you all :+1:

Delving will give you a guaranteed recipe.

Combining 5 schematic fragments will give you a random recipe (avoiding spoilers on how-to).

The primary loot box at the end of vaults have a chance for a random recipe.

The tower in the center has recipes you can learn in exchange for power fragments.

There are a few locations scattered about that give you a specific recipe, such as Eldarium Braziers, Eldarium Tools, Eldarium Chests, Stygian Palisades, etc etc.

Keep an eye open around rivers/water. You will on occasion see something that looks like a bottle with a message in it. These are your emotes.

…and there’s more, but hopefully this keeps ya busy for a while :slight_smile: If you’d like more specifics or need more help give me a shout.

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at isle of dusk where the rave in the bubble camp is u will find on the left side of this build a body laid down near a fence (a single accursed fighter guards this “entrance” to the ruined building there . from this dead body u can recover khari daggers. and up on the right side of where the ymir archpriest spawns on the outside of his balcony is another dead body from where u can retrieve the khari warhammer… also inside the area where the boss with the shinning essence spawns at the way that leads to the dome there another dead body has the khari daggers there… loot em regurarly and dismantle em for khari steel bars

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