Khari steel location?

Oke umm, after convergence trap update for purge, i have now different question. Like how i am supposed now to get khari steel, someone said dungeons for me last time i asked but siptah dont have any dungeons and i never found any khari steel in them, i only found like 1 khari steel after servers resed in stygian camps on new southern map of siptah… but thats too long like 1 steel in day… ( if nobody pick it before me)

Stygian camps (Siptah) have small chests that give khari steel when picked up. These are the same small chests that you can find inside The Wine Cellar (Exiled Lands).
If I remember corectly, I also found these small chests inside brick wells. You have to press E to remove the wood on top.


on the new lands I suggest you to climb to the top of each tower you see ( even if it will be hard with the new climb animation to get over the repetitve pointy pattern on the side of it ) there are plenty of spots where small chest of khari steel (like said abobe looks like the small power fragment chests ) , and some power of fragment too :wink:

Stygian camps look at wells there are hidden areas where i found 3 chests of it.

what towers, like i climbed ashlands towers and even floodlands - only thing there is eternal flame that burns out of thin air… and dont do damage…

I was about to ask about the steel, thanks!

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