Spoiler FYI location of siptah invader armor

The armor added in for the snake worship people where is armor exactly and a pic please also any other recipes add to the world both siptah and exiles in case I missed one with this update please and thank you


Anyone want to help me here

I don’t know the exact location of the Stygian Invader armour - but according to this thread, it’s in the main Stygian camp:

For other recipes, emotes etc - you might find this interactive map useful (I don’t know if it’s complete, since I can’t spot the armour recipe on it, but it’s definitely got markers for quite a few of the new feats):

While that map is an incredibly useful resource, it doesn’t actually show the location of the Stygian Invader armor recipe yet. The recipe book can be found in Siptah’s Ascension, on top of some boxes near the guaranteed Alchemist III spawn. It’s on boxes in front of the tent with the monkey statue.

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Thank you all for information that helps alot

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