Stygian Invader recipe location

Has anyone found this? I’ve looked around in the main Stygian camp in the east without any luck. Maybe I’m in the wrong camp? I would’ve figured it’d be in the big one by Siptah’s Contemplation. TYIA!

As far as I know the only recipe to be found here is “Stygian Palisades”.

Hmmm. Thanks. Per the patch notes they said we could now find the Stygian Invader armor in the main Stygian camp in the east (they were vague).

Can confirm, there is a book that gives the feat near the Alchemist III in the lower part of the camp.

It isn’t particularly hidden. just look around a bit and you’ll find it.


Thank you!!! I was looking for a book too! Not sure how I missed that. Thanks again!!


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