Isle of Siptah - Lemurian Sword Recipe

Greetings Exiles,
anyone knows where to find the recipe for the lemurian sword on Isle of Siptah?
Do I need to farm the judge or will it drop like the godbreaker armor recipe random on any kind of mob?

There is no information on wiki or YT, the legendary version of this sword is just bad ass and I need this one :smiley:

Cheers Sigrun


I’m not 100% sure but it may work like some of the other exiled land recipients where you need to delve them to unlock. For example getting hyena fur armor from dogs of the desert, repairing it and delving gives you the eldarium versions to craft. I find lemurian gear pretty regularly at the small exile camp at the top of I - 6. You can use a shovel on the obelisk in the middle of camp, I often find a fully repaired lemurian spear leaning on a box. If delving that doesn’t work it might be a recipe that drops from a vault. I think wak4863 has a video listing all vault recipes. Good luck!


Thx m8 for this advice - haven’t found a shovel yet, looted a lot of crates swimming around but no luck so far.
Same issue with obsidian, got the mod glass constructions and more and want to build the lemurian walls with gold inlets, looks on the thumbnail pretty awesome - no obsidian so far, only some loot from some thralls I don’t remember where and they dropped around 20 piece together.
I will keep an eye on this camp.
cheers m8

I was just reading through the 2.5 patchnotes and saw they added obsidian nodes to the Isle of Dusk. So once that drops hopefully getting our hands on that obsidian won’t be so hard.