Crafting Obsidian Bars on Isle of Siptah


We recently found Obsidian on Siptah and also found the Forge of the first men. We put it in and nothing happened. What do we miss? Do we have to find recipes first?

If this one remembers correctly you need to learn any of the Gray Ones recipes first.

Also, it requires steel as well as obsidian to make composite obsidian.

It may be better just to dismantle Gray One weapons and then use the resulting material to repair the other items they drop.


What @LostBrythunian say is right or u have learned the recipes on exiles land and have transferred your Cha to Siptah.


Ah ok so we need those recipes - then we have to search for them. Thanks for the info.

No, its a new char on Siptah we did not transfer, we resetted the server and changed the map to Siptah.


Go to Grey pools. The eastern pool on its right has the great axe waiting for you to learn it, it’s the easiest I can explain right now. Still @Wak4863 has a video for each recipe of weapons and armor locations in Siptah for Grey ones, among other hints ofcurce. Visit his channel on YouTube, he is amazing and valid. Have fun exile :+1:t6:.


One very early shenanigan this one once got up to was to take a perch high over the Proving Grounds and put arrows in the mini boss at the center to get quick levels and weapons.
The place to learn Daggers is in the underground sacrifice pit in the northern part, and the Katana is on one of the more southerly towers.


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