Dungeon of Dagon/Scorpion Den - Recipes and Balance

Hey there. I think we missed a huge opportunity in the new Sunken City dungeon. There should be a recipe for a new armor. We could use some sort of light armor providing strength, that uses scales of dagon and fur, provides cold protection and can be crafted exceptional or flawless by Lemurian Armorer III / Fia or maybe even give the flawless versions to Than Hammerblow, Diana Steelshaper and Joka Ironfist or some purge armorers.

The new trident is underwhelming. Half-child of Dagon is one of the strongest enemies in the game, it doesn’t drop anything apart from scales. The recipe grants access to an item that gets outclassed by the Mitra spear, every legendary spear and dragonbone/flawless serpent-man spears. No reason to build it, upkeep requires scales…It should be the strongest spear in the game-hard enough to get and maintain.

The new axe is amazing. It’s quite strong and cheap to make. Fitting for an end-game dungeon. Only Reaver’s axe is very slightly better.

The new sword is…well outclassed by Dragonbone, Lusttaker (Derketo), Serpent-Man, several legendary swords…and requires scales.

The shield is alright. Atleast it has a ridiculous amount of durability. But it’s easily outclassed by the scorpion ward or legendary shields. Still requires scales…

Daggers are by far the strongest until you get the UC dualwield recipes by sheer luck and grind. Expensive to maintain due to their durability. Daggers in general are too brittle, but these should be exempted at least.

I like the potions, but in the same vein it’s a pity the aloe potions cost scales. Maybe 2 potions per crafting? I don’t know.

In regards to the scorpion den:

What’s the point of the potion? It costs 1 gland per item, but those drop once per kill. Maybe.
And can we please get another useful recipe out of there, maybe an armor set or a weapon?

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