Scales of Dagon?

Anyone figure out where to get them? My guess is Convergence trap, but I wanted to confirm they actually drop.

I got a recipe for advanced potions that require them.

There are two vaults of Fishheads… don’t recall what they’re called. One of the vaults is Harbor of the Drowned, don’t remember the other vault name. These are water based vaults and are currently known for their blinding glow.

Regardless, the enemies inside and out have a chance of dropping Dagons scales when harvested. It’s still RNG and the tool type used typically yields different results. Even a skinning knife will work. I use a hatchet and about one in ten of these enemies will drop the scales. I have over fifty now but no recipe to use them.

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I’ve cleared both multiple times, never got a single scale.

I killed a couple of fishmen and got 3. Apparently I’m blessed by the rng gods.

@MadMage Don’t give up. It really does come down to RNG. There have been times that I don’t get any either. I just farm the outside for thrall XP. Certainly clearing the vault leads to more chances to get scales. Also the quality of the tool should just increase the number of scales. Don’t know which is better Pick or Hatchet. But I’ve seen a skinning knife work on a Wak stream. So maybe the RNG is the same for all tools.

@helium3 What quality and type of tool were you using?

So you don’t skin them for this?

@NORfem No. It seems like I have more success with the hatchet.

In a run on the Drowned (a little earlier today) I harvested scales from three fishmen. With my star metal hatchet I gathered 22 scales. I didn’t enter the vault.

BtW I have 82 scales now but still no recipes.

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This was pretty early, so likely a steel skinning knife?

I’m literally killing them right now, 'Twice-Drowned"; tried axe, pick, knife and even sickle. Nothing but putrid meat and hide.

Literally just completed the Harbor of the Drowned dungeon (I was blinded by the light!)

I used a Star Metal skinning knife and came out with 33 scales so I can confirm they do drop :slight_smile:

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@MadMage What? No Savory Flesh? I loves me some of that Savory Flesh. Sorry, JK. :grin:

This game is really bad about RNG sometimes. In CE EL the drops were guaranteed. But in Siptah they are random and have a weight. For instance, if you want to farm decaying Eldarium from these fishmen, then you will find that is similarly rare. Whereas at other vaults decaying Eldarium is much more abundant. Unfortunately there are few vaults that have enemies that drop Dagons scales and the drop rate is low.

Now I’m saying this from experience. I haven’t looked into any files or the dev kit.

So if you’re desperate for scales, try focusing on going from one vault to the next. Don’t bother with clearing the vault, just focus on the outside enemies. By the time you finish one vault the enemies outside the previous should have respawned. Have a ride to speed the process and bring a thrall you want to gain XP, if you have one.

Honestly I needed the eldarium as well as the scales; the problem is the recipe I found is for a high level healing potion and I’m gonna need a reasonable source of the scales. A full clear earning NONE is a bit… goofy.

And yes, lots and lots of savory flesh. A few bones. Chucked pretty much all of it besides the hide.

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