Master Fisherman Scroll

I’ve been playing Isle of Siptah for 2 weeks now and still have not found master fisherman scroll which teaches the upgraded fish nets which catches the buff fish. I checked in single player and the scroll exist but no one seems to have found where it drops. I’ve checked multiple forums and looked on youtube & social media and still no luck. At this point I’m thinking its a bug please look into it.

I got it two weeks ago. It was a recipe in a chest from a vault.

I too earned the recipe from the boss chest in a vault.

I learned this a few days after Siptah released, Deep Sea Fisher. So it does in fact spawn as a recipe from vaults.

I’ve been trying to skin the fish creatures outside and inside the Drowned vaults but can’t get the Scales of Dagon. Anybody have any luck doing this?

The drop rate for scales of dagon is very low to the point where you can skin 20 fishmen and still have no drop. Nevertheless, I got 115 scales in 6 hours of skinning around one of the fish vaults where you can find 20 fishmen or more outside.
Pro tip: The Drowned Boss at the end of the vault has a higher chance to give the scaled when skinned.


Thanks. Looks like I needed to be more persistent. I was expecting it to be more like the Sunken City.

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