Dagon scales for fish nets

hey guys ! I just learned the deep see fisher recipe in the sunken city but could someone tell me how to get dagon sclaes for the fish net ? i can’t find some ! thanks !

Go back into the dungeon and kill all the bosses. In their corpse inventory they will have 2 and if you skin them they give 1 more

ok thanks man ! they seem pretty hard to kill, any advice ? i plan on using healing arrows to heal my thralls cause the fishman bosses hit so hard lol thanks man

Dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge, as you smack it.

Captain/7000hp t4 fighter with sword of crom. Bring a 2h mace for sunder. The only one that will be difficult is the one with the trident that has high damage and range, but you can stun lock it

any fish creature in there yields 1 scale when you harvest them, just avoid the guy next to the trident recipe, he is way stronger than anything in the dungeon, maybe everything else in the game just as Chump pointed out (36k HP vs 14k HP for the angler fish guys)

so I would recommond kill the small stuff, and skip the captain, the whale and the trident room each time, the last one with dagon inside is mandatory anyway, but the fish men at the poison vents (breath of dagon recipe) are worth it every time

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