Specialist Cooking Scrolls since 2.3

Has anyone found a Specialist Cooking scroll on Siptah (PC) since the 2.3 patch?

They used to be an uncommon drop from wild surges, but I haven’t seen one drop from any camp. The only recipe scroll I’ve seen as a drop is Buccaneer. Getting Saleco’s Instructions (pretty useless on Siptah), the Drums Come Every Night, and What is Strength, but no cooking recipes. Cooking isn’t as important as it was, but I’m missing knowledge that would make me stronger.

i found specialist cooking II ( it droped 20x) on a t2 surge ( north east i think)

I found a Cooking X scroll a few days ago, on the eastern part of the new landmass. But I do not remember exactly how I got it, I believe it dropped from an enemy…

I did find 3 cooking and 1 brewing scrolls on surges. I think these are split between surge types and tiers.

yes it is

but you need a bit luck to get your recipe, sometimes you can get 10+, sometimes you get nothing :smiley:

happy surging

I have all the scrolls learnt from 1-10, mainly was obtained during vault runs. Now seeing a lot of them pop up during Summoning Pool encounters in the new desert biome. I’ve also obtained them through combinding x5 “Schematic Fragment” pages which tend to drop off mobs near the center more, and during maelstrom from the winged bugs ( not the only drops source), but seem more common from them.

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