Base Game Item Balancing

Noticed the other day that many of not all of the base legendary chest weapons feel underwhelming when compared to things like the SerpentMan/DragonBone recipes and the things added in the recent patches. Not to mention how funky the feat weapon crafting stats can be like comparing Ancient Weapons to Hardened Steel weapons - in many cases though a lower level recipe, it winds up being the better choice because it’s stats are slightly higher and much cheaper.

It might just be me, but I feel like all the base armor and weapons in game could do with a “once over” by the devs and be balanced accordingly.

Best example I could use IMO is though WW Blades and Havoc and Malice are RnG Archive recipes, it’s much easier to make those late game than kill world bosses for chests yet their stats are Superior to most other daggers in the game.

How about a complete weapon and crafting revamp?

Perhaps a system where resources are awarded a quality value based on which regions they are gathered from. Then make all legendary recipes where they quality of the crafted legendary is determined based on the quality of the resources combined with the thrall skill level and the crafting station.

This would allow the legendaries to be scaled to the crafter and the current state of the game for the player.

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I’d totally be open to trying something like this. Anything at this point if it was an attempt to balance out everything

yeah a lot of weird stuff… I always get the dragonbone recipes as soon as I’m 60 cos you need really good stuff to replace them and they’re so cheap you don’t care about losing them.

But then you got the serpentman arrows… almost the same as dragonbone arrows, but you need 1 dragonbone to make one arrow or 1 iron bar to make 10 serpentman arrows. I don’t mind, but why are they as cheap as ironhead arrows (pretty much at least, I don’t remember exact costs)

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That’s because item balancing is a continuous process of constant evaluation and re-evaluation of item system - not just from the single item point of view - something FUNCOM isn’t aware of.
It takes considerable forum outcry to FUNCOM to even acknowledge the balance issue, let alone fix it - Mitra spear, Black Dragon pike, 100% armor pen hammer - just to name the few most over tuned ones.

And then the under-tuning after… :see_no_evil:

Yeah… I thought DayBreak Games was bad until I encountered Fail…errr I mean FUNcom.
They don’t listen to their customer/player base except for crybaby posts about nerfing things that ARENT OP just these dumb little kids don’t want to learn how to counter it.

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Looks good!

I’m sorry, I just cannot agree with this. As a recent item of evidence, please take a look at the upcoming DLC which includes a lot of stuff that have been requested by players - things that have nothing to do with combat or have game stats.

Also, I think I’ve heard players request horseback riding once or twice. Considering the technical challenges of implementing such a feature, up until recently considered impossible, I suspect Funcom’s decision to go through all that trouble to make it happen may have been inspired by customer feedback.

Funcom has made some heavy-handed nerfs due to emotionally phrased feedback, but claiming that Funcom doesn’t listem to other kinds of feedback, or only does nerfs, is false.

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