Legendary weapons (from chests) are now USELESS

Since, depending on the T4 blacksmith, the weapons learned from the dungeons are stronger than those obtained from the chests of the world bosses, I don’t feel like fighting you. The effort is also not worth it for the Battle Pass, since the time span is so long that tasks with less XP can be completed faster and with fewer resources.

So I have a small suggestion for improvement.

The chests should drop the recipes instead of the weapon so that you can make them yourself (more powerfully). For crafting, besides the weapon handle, you could add a new ore or altarium that you could get from the events in the Exile Lands instead of some black ice, brimstone or blood/liver sac etc. . This would also increase my incentive to complete an event instead of just walking past it.


Something to revitalize those weapons, please. Anything! :smile:



They’ve been useless for a while now, some for years and 3.0 killing off the rest. With bladesmith thralls, crafted weapons can’t be beat for damage output; and the removal of stat bonuses from them means they have nothing to set them apart.

I’d argue we shouldn’t get them as recipes; there are already way too many weapons to craft as is.

What we should get is differentiators. Reasons to pick up one versus another. More weapons utilizing special effects, like acidic, corruption affinity, wolf-storm, etc. Maybe even some str-type weapons that use agi, or agi-type weapons that use str, for more variety and reasons to collect them rather than solely chasing BiS damage output.


they should simply update legendary armor and weapons to t4 stats! Such Items should always remain slightly extra powerful. Personally, I stopped farming world bosses ages (pun intended) ago because I can simply craft solid equipment in the endgame.


Unique looks would be a nice reason to collect them for display purposes


it does seem odd to refer to something as Legendary, when it clearly is not anymore.

I think an adjustment to all Legendary tier items is long overdue.

If the Team wants us to enjoy the content they have made, the experience of hunting for Legendary weapons should at least feel somewhat rewarding to the player.


The background of the recipes serves to keep the community busy and working on the distinguishing features would be a dream, since I don’t expect such a complex willingness to perform from Funcom.

Yes, but looks alone aren’t enough, IMO. It pains me looking at the annihilator sword, knowing it’s useless. I still try to get it for the looks alone, to put on display, but it’s a real shame…

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  1. Good way to farm star metal early-middle game.
  2. Legs are probably will be reworked in next Ages…

Although the PVE player is happy about the appearance, one should also consider the PVP players, since Funcom gives them a greater value.

Haha, what?


Or you could just delve them, even in exile lands and take the recipe! This way you could use them as weapons if you need them to use them at once! Gaining legendary weapons soon in the game is a bit rewarding for learning the game very well and handy for different playstyles that this game can provide. So either delve, either leave them as they are! And no it is not grinding to farm a world boss, it’s humiliating easy and you can do it literally with sticks and stones from really low levels. If you are high level it’s a matter af a minute or two!
However, don’t get me wrong, I really like the idea of the recipe!
I would love to see a different way, smarter obviously from what we say here, because I don’t want to loose the rewards from the chests. If someone will totally wipe you in pvp and in ten minutes you can hold a legendary weapon in your hand, then you’ll really understand the neccecity of this decision they made!


Look at all the nerfs to weapons, thralls and now pets.

You think thats done to appeal to the PVE crowd? Its to “balance” the PVP aspect, and the PVE side suffers from it.


Haha, what?

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Corrupted wolves falling from the sky when completing a weapon combo…


Oh, am I wrong? They nerfed the lifeblood spear because it affected PVE more I guess. Same with the Sword of Crom. And all the other weapons. And thralls doing too much damage. And pets. And all the other balances too. Gods. Bombs. Orbs. Arrows. OH! Healing arrows! That was a specific PVE nerf too wasnt it?

Right, my bad.


There are still benefits to some of the but most of the legendaries that retained goodness come from the city.

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Yeah you’re obviously sooooooooo wrong (not). Ya know what they could maybe do? Bring in some settings for admin panel to “mass toggle” PVP nerfs etc on or off depending on what kind of server it is. And use that toggle for official PVE and PVP. Why does a PVE server need to use same healing arrows heal rate as a PVP server? Why does Sword of Crom have to be so utterly useless for anything on PVE? Maybe the data is not organised in a way to allow that, so it’s probably not possible without a whackload of behind the scenes changes. But it would save the whole “If we burn, you burn with us!” thing with PVE versus PVP (and I like both so I’m not advocating for either over the other here). On a similar note, why not have official servers that have different settings? Why do all official servers have to have same settings for everything? Why not have some x2 harvest, x10 harvest, x5 xp, longer nights, keep on death, etc. Why not have some official servers that wipe every month and others that never do. Funcom could open (or recycle) ONE PVP server per region that wipes monthly and see what that does to the dynamics. I’ll bet a lot of people would flock to it. No body vaults, real fresh start, go! The possibilities are endless. I know people could just choose a private server with the kind of settings they want, but we all know the perils of that. Oops, I really have digressed. Yeah, you’re wrong (so not).



Funcom has failed to balance the PVP vs PVE side for a long time. PVE definitely needs dfferent stats on weapons/thralls then on PVP.

Another 100%!!


They nerfed everything, when they talk balance read nerfing, it will become a barbaric pillow fight soon, like a fps i played that you need 5 headshot to kill, and people was compling that tkk was short lol