Please take a look at the Legendary Items again

Many Legendary items gave unique bonuses before the attribute revision.

For example, the Axe of the Lion. This gave a bonus to the Strength attribute. What does it do today? Nothing, just an axe, and not even a good one, doesn’t really deserve the Legendary tag anymore.

Items that give a bonus to stamina don’t work either.

The daggers “The Grim” According to the description:
These poniards, when used in battle, will increase the damage of every strike.
No effect.

There are only a very limited number of Legendary Items that are useful and that’s a waste!

Make Legendarys great again! … please :x


Indeed. “Legendary” no longer means anything.

A legendary item should be special, powerful, rare, and uncraftable.

Unfortunately, many legendaries are not special, weak, common, craftable, and there are even ones that don’t require a legendary kit to repair.

It is my opinion that players should be able to have three active buffs at a time, potion, food, and equipment. Then bring back attribute buffs to items that had them before (at least the new form of attribute buffs).

That should be the first pass. Legendaries really need a lot more work than merely giving back the bonuses that were taken away.


I believe we gonna get some LEGs revamp in the future Ages (maybe AGe of Treasures)…
We need more variants (claws, javelins, shields, 2h axes, great axes, short swords!, offhand weapons, armor parts) and more unique stats and abilities. Some of them may be really OP (because they legendary you know?).
To balance this make chests spawn random (not fixed by area), so, legs are more hard to get. Because people just farming 1-2 particular chests or even block them.
They should spawn only inside no building zones.
Now, legs are just some good casual weapons for middle game you can easily obtain and some source of star metal.

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Haven’t you heard Heritance has been fixed?

Heritance now updates its damage based on your level, as intended.

A level 60 legendary, crafted from a recipe you have to loot (doing bosses in Pools on Siptah) first, then learn star metal feat and then craft using 60 eldarium bars - and after all the hard work you have done you can finally use your long craved weapon, doing 60 damage :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you everyone! Passed this feedback over to the rest of the team as we are always working on improving the world of Conan Exiles.


I still find many of the legendary items to be very useful. Hmm. Are you sure you tried everything you can?

Sure, there were ‘fun’ stats that were there before the nerf. Legendary items seem more half-nerfed. What needs to be fixed?

Wholeheartedly agree. Legendary weapons should be unsurpassed, and the most powerful weapons in the game. Not middling at best.


Legendary weapons are so often…
Legendary wastes of time and inventory space.

There are several which are utile/interesting.
The glowing weapons, the nearly weightless weapons, the extreme temperature resistance shields.

Many weapon types are under represented, or not even represented at all depending upon which map you play on. This is most unfortunate.

This one completely agress that many of the existent ones need to be re-examined.

The Tulwar of Amir Khurum is a prime example. Stats that are nothing to write home about and that’s all it does. A shape that is shared with several other blades. Given that it is the sword of a legendary leader, it would be an excellent candidate for an increase follower damage stat.

Base numbers, unless the legendary does something absolutely amazing, it should be at least on par with the best craftable weapons made by a tier 3 smith when applicable (Obsidian, Grey One, and Black Ice gear, for example cannot benefit from a smith).


Make this happen!

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I don’t think we need the attribute bumps but some cool effects would be greatly appreciated. there are a plethora of effects outside of the attribute bumps that could be utilized in legendary gear. Hell, if you take the Siptah sigil bonuses into account, you could probably have enough to only repeat the cycle once for all legendary weapons and armor that doesn’t still have an effect. You put the sigil of the bat effect on the vaulting pole and watch the fun of folks coming back to farm legendaries again.

This is one of those moments where I have to disagree with you – and so many others – if not in theory, then at least in practice.

The theory is really nice, actually. I mean, who doesn’t like possessing a rare, unique remnant of the times long past, and wielding its unparalleled power? That’s what “legendary” should mean, right?

The problem is putting this into practice. What most games do to make something feel “rare” and “unique” is to lock it behind mind-numbing RNG grind.

And there’s nothing I abhor more in this game than the idea of putting the best-in-class equipment behind mind-numbing RNG grind. Every step that Funcom has taken to pull the gameplay away from the Las Vegas slot-machine simulation is a step I have celebrated.

So, yeah, in theory I agree with you and everyone else. But I don’t want to see that theory put into practice the way Funcom usually does it.

FWIW, there are ways that legendary equipment could be made to feel truly legendary without “locking it in Las Vegas” – and no, I’m not talking about completely eliminating the RNG, just changing the way it’s used – but I don’t want to derail the topic.

TL;DR: Sure, make legendary weapons better than they are now, give them unique quirks and whatnot, but don’t lock best-in-class equipment behind soul-crushing RNG grind.


With how easy they should be to get. They should have their stats lowered to just above Steel weapons, and just behind Hardened Steel.

Maybe just replace them with Ancient Weapons entirely.

Or leave them as they are and tag them as “relic” instead of “legendary” :stuck_out_tongue:


Just make them look cooler than normal weapons and that would be fine.

Or give them special move sets that aren’t found with normal weapons.

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“best-in-class equipment” should not be attainable by everyone without putting in the time. If you play this game two hours a week, then having to settle for second- or third-best is the way it should be.

Best-in-class is the best, it should be hard to get.

RNG may not be the best solution, I’ll agree that far, but alternatives aren’t especially good either. For example, if you had a fetch quest similar to assembling the Scourgestone, but instead were unlocking a legendary with however many MacGuffins required, that would be good, but also require a million times more effort out of the devs than setting a boss’s loottable drop chance to 0.3.

So, while I would prefer RNG alternatives in theory, in practice I will take soul-crushing RNG grind over every weekend player and their dog running around with best-in-class gear.

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There are different ways to spend time. For example, you could spend the time learning how to master the game, so you can overcome a gameplay challenge and get a cool legendary item as a reward.

Or, you know, you could spend that time killing the same boss over and over and over until it drops that one item you covet.

The former measures your skill, the latter measures how hard it is to bore you into quitting. :wink:

RNG is not the best solution, but it could be good enough. Unfortunately, what we get is neither “best” nor “good enough”, but “cheapest”.

There are ways you can use RNG to make players more empowered. I didn’t want to derail the thread, but there seems to be some interest, so I’ll try to write a short version of what I wrote a few times before.

Imagine bosses didn’t drop the legendary weapons, but instead different components required for crafting of those legendary weapons. You could still give bosses loot tables with percentages to drop this or that component, and that way you can still control the “rarity” of the legendary weapons, but now the player feels more in control.

“Oh, I have 10 ancient dragon heartstrings, 5 piles of giant king bone dust, 3 vials of black blood, and the crystal heart of the avalanche. Should I go to the Volcanic Forge to craft the Reach of the Red Mother, or to the The Forge of Ymir to craft the Bloodstone Sword”?

Obviously, I’m making shіt up here, but it’s just to illustrate the approach.

Just out of curiosity: why? I never really understood this.

Why does it matter whether weekend players have the same gear as you do? Shouldn’t skill matter more?

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I completely disagree with this. This is just normal crafting but with different ingredients. Legendary items should not be craftable items. Legendary items could be assembled from unique parts, but choosing to craft x or y item from however many ingredients you’ve collected just makes them the exact same thing as every other weapon you can craft.

“Legendary” should mean something more than “better than high-grade.”

I literally answered that in the above post:

Completely focusing on the wrong thing. It’s not about keeping it out of the of the weekend player’s dog’s paws. The point is, if everyone has it, particularly those who only play two hours per week, then it is too easy to get.

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How about the gear is stationary (IE you will always find it in X location) but the RNG aspects are the bonuses?

“Unique parts” and “crafting ingredients” are two different spins on the same thing. As long as I don’t have to grind one specific boss obsessively over weeks or months, I don’t care what you call them.

There are several measures that can alleviate the present RNG crappiness. One of them is to make the “unique parts” drop from many different bosses.

Again, as long as it doesn’t mean “spend your valuable time in Las Vegas”, it’s good. I can respect the constraints a game studio has – meaning that sometimes you just have to cut corners – but that doesn’t change the fact that “5% chance to drop anything followed by 1% chance to drop item X” is lazy game design, something you do when you don’t have the time or money to do anything more engaging.

I still don’t understand why that matters. Unless the explanation is “I like it that way”. I can totally respect that people have different personal preferences.

How about making legendary weapons only slightly better than craftable ones, so they’re still best-in-class, but nobody gives a shіt except minmaxers who just can’t live without the absolute best and are willing to grind obsessively for it? :smiley:

To be fair, it doesn’t have to be done for all legendary weapons. Only enough to keep the Las Vegas people happy, and the rest could be not best-in-class, but have fun unique features, like different movesets or special effects, etc.


Exactly. Siptah’s appeal even to the PvE is the grind trophies that gets the endorphins churning as you hit jackpot when you get a grandmaster scroll in a vault or what not. Keep that but only an ounce better than the crafted stuff.

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