3.0 Legendary Weapon bonuses

I understand with the attribute system changes that the old stat bonuses from weapons had to be changed. But it seems like they haven’t replaced the old stat boosts with anything . IE, Maelstrom, the legendary hammer from the Unnamed City, used to be +5 strength and +5 vitality. Now it isn’t anything. They could just plain increase the damage of weapons that used to give bonus strength and agility (if it’s an agility weapon, like the bows). Have them boost your HP, Armor, stamina etc., while carrying, instead of +grit, +vitality, +agility. They could give them something else instead - but just having weapons do nothing special at all is super boring. There are now fewer legendaries worth farming for- is that intentional?

I believe they made a decision that “hand-held” items (weapons, shields, tools, etc) will no longer offer bonusses. I personally think this was a good decision as they were being used as “stat sticks.”

Sure, but they fixed the “stat sticks” thing by changing the attribute system completely. Too many of the weapons just aren’t interesting at all, now. Give them some different status effects, give them temperature protection, more armor penetration, less stamina use per swing- just something instead of nothing, some variety. Maybe it would just be too time consuming to have done that while building the rest of 3.0, but I hope they go back and review the Exiled Lands stuff soon, to give more purpose to farming for legendaries again.

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