Balancing of weapons/armor

As of current, things are really out of whack. Ive thought this since I was able to get obsidian weapons/tools and was able to farm star metal regularly. The higher the tier of weapon or armor (past steel) is underwhelming. Logic would tell you that the harder the resource is to acquire the better the end result of said weapon or piece of armor. This cosmetic DLC proves this. Star metal weapons should be BETTER than hardened steel weapons on average. This armor, though isnt too terrible, still loses out to Silent Legion in every way. There is really no reason to run anything else. I have been trying to find a new set to use other than Silent Legion but nothing comes close to the buffs and damage reduction compared to the materials it takes to make it. The state of the game is pretty bad at the moment. I love it and will continue to play but things really need to be looked at and balanced if the game is going to be able to retain what players it has left, at least on the pvp side of things.

DLC items should have the exact same stats as other weapons from that same tier, use the same amount of materials and have the same requisites (feats, thralls with recipe, etc). In other words, DLC weapons and armors should be just a re-skin of already existent stuff. This would also allow to craft Flawless variants of DLC armors/weapons without any balance issues.

Even if DLC stuff has balanced but different stats than existent content, that would give DLC players more build options and that might be seen as P2W as well.


Totally agree only difference I see so fat is star metal tools harvest more and weapons have longer durability. But I don’t use myself as I like damage over durability but being as it requires being level 60 what a waste of end level content in my opinion.

On the same note, shouldn’t legendary weapons be far superior to anything that can be crafted? The wiki lists the Axe of the Lion damage at 53. A flawless Serpent-men axe base damage is 50. A weapon that requires youto kill a world boss and is not repairable should do much more damage than a weapon you can craft, in my opinion.

On a similar note, shouldn’t dragonbone armor and weapons be far more durable than anything else? Shouldn’t obsidian and blackice weapons deal more damage since they’re so much more fragile (less durable)?

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