DLC Armors and Weapons stats

Hello, today I bought the “Complete Edition” and when I was looking at the weapons and armor, I have not understood why they have lower stats than vanilla.
That is, now that armor has a maximum of +5 stats (+1 per piece), why does a DLC armor have less defense than the same vanilla armor?
For example:

  • STR Set, Kambujan Shaman (Vanilla medium):
    Chest -> 61
    Pants -> 43
    Helmet -> 35
    Gloves and Boots -> 17 + 17
    Total -> 173 armor
  • STR Set, Khitan Captain (DLC medium)
    Chest -> 47
    Pants -> 34
    Helmet -> 27
    Gloves and Boots -> 13 + 13
    Total -> 134 armor

The same happens with weapons.
Studded Iron Mace -> 25 damage
Mace DLC (same cost, same materials) -> 16 damage

Why? I understand that you don’t want to make it stronger to avoid pay-to-win, but couldn’t you at least put it just like Vanilla stuff?

I will not say that I feel cheated after buying the complete edition, since I also bought it for the constructions, mounts, Siptah (for when you do the update), etc…
But honestly, I was disappointed when looking at the stats of the weapons and armor.

Wouldn’t it be possible to match the stats with Vanilla’s?


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Reality is they should just be the same as star metal in stats. That way they are just star metal skins. Right now buying the DLC is now a punishment, unless it is the placeable you are after. And if that was the goal, then the DLC do become PVE and RP only, as a pvper would not use lesser stats in combat if they have a choice.

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The DLC armor values match the basic armor values that come with the armorer feat.

The DLC weapons are generally equal to the game’s iron equivalent. The one DLC one-handed sword are equal to the iron broadsword.

Epic DLC armor and weapons match their epic vanilla counterparts.

The studded iron mace is not the weakest iron tier mace in the game. The weakest is the iron mace which does 21 damage. You could mention that wrote in the bugs section of the forum.

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Although the weakest iron mace is 21 damage, it is still more than the 16 offered by the DLC. Also, why should you compare it to the weakest in vanilla? Studded Iron Mace requires the same materials as the DLC mace. (That also, even if it is the weakest, the DLC is still worse!)
It makes no sense at all.

Funcom generally put weapons at the same level as the weakest iron level weapons so people who buy the DLC wouldn’t have an advantage over people using vanilla weapons, or armor for that matter.

The difference in damage between the DLC mace and weakest vanilla iron mace, 16 versus 21, is likely a bug that should be reported in the bugs forum. When it would get fixed is anybody’s guess due to higher priority bugs out there.

That really happens in all weapons, not only with mace and in that category…
Regarding the armors, I also think that they should be put as the next grade, not as the base. It is not a P2W to put them like the vanilla armors and it costs nothing to please someone who has paid for an aesthetic DLC…

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