DLC worth the cost?

I purchased the new DLC and have to say from a aesthetics standpoint, I couldn’t be more pleased…However, I find that for something I paid extra for, the damage given to the weapons is laughable. An iron 1 handed weapon does close to 25 damage, while the DLC does 18…How is this even remotely fair?

I really think if you are expecting people to pay for these additional content, it should be worth while instead of just for looks.

Think of it as a mid ground between stone and iron weapons as the end tier versions of armor and weapons (epic ones) are pretty decent to me especially if they are flawless epics.

While I do agree that these items should be better than they are, I’d also like to point out that the Dev team is very likely afraid (and rightfully so) of turning the game into a pay-to-win system. I still feel that the weapons should be comparable to existing vanilla weapons with perhaps a cost-benefit trade off to them (more damage but break down faster, less damage but significantly easier/cheaper to make, or something like that). The architecture is beautiful, but completely unattainable until a point in the game where the weapons and armors that go with them are more or less no longer viable.

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