Senseless DLC Weapons?

I saw early posts with this topic, but they are from Dec. 2018 and since then nothing has changed.

Could some Dev please explain to me, why i should spend money for new cool looking stuff, when i dont get to use it?
Cause, for example, DLC weapons attributes are not even the same of a standard looking weapon of the same class. Why?
And i bought all DLCs since then…and im really disappointed cause of that fact.

They look beautiful, but sandly its SENSELESS to use them.


You get the DLC feats for free, ie. without using feat points. It has to be balanced somehow.

I agree, though - I crafted a few but never used the lower-tier weapons because they’re pretty wall decorations but pretty much suck if you want to take someone’s life.


I disagree. Only the weapons do slightly damages, 1 or 2 points, than their non-DLC iron crafted counterparts. And a T3 or T4 blacksmith can craft their exceptional or flawless version.
The armours give the same protection as light, medium or heavy non DLC armours craftable before level 30. And any T3 or T4 armourer can craft their exceptional or flawless version.
All of that without spending a single feat point, so you can use those saved for something else. The level where you can start crafting iron weapons is the level where you need to start to build something where to set all those workstations, without that much feats points available and no yellow lotus potion available. Imo, it’s the greatest advantage to have at least one DLC.
I ever had a T4 blacksmith or armourer so I never was able to craft any flawless or epic weapons and armours. Is it possible to craft epic DLC weapons and / or armours ? And if yes, what are their stats compared to other epic non-DLC weapons and / or armour ?

Epic flawless dlc armour has temperature resistances on par with silent legion this alone is reason to buy them and the fact you can build them with any T4 armourer is another.


I also found them a bit confusing. Not the damage part nor the unlocking method, but the need of star metal. I bought a dlc for the theme and a gear set I liked. When I discovered the rest it came with, I was excited… Until it hit me. Why star metal? What makes star metal so special? To me star metal is material that helps to deal with a specific kind of an opponent. Why not demand some material that fits the theme instead? :thinking:

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I think the idea is tied to pay to win that Funcom is trying to avoid. By making it require star metal, and pretty much on par with star metal att wise, it makes it more a skin for star metal weapons.

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That’s what I gathered. However, the weapons are not that effective or at the same level at best. There are better weapons offered by bosses, if I remember correctly, and we still need to upgrade our base to be able to craft the dlc alternatives. Everything’s okay, but I’m just finding the star metal requirement to be a bit off (siderailing), that’s all.

What I’m dismayed about the most is that they could have introduced a material fit to the theme that we would be needing instead. Putting all these behind star metal makes it all a bit too convenient and… well, monotonic. I mean a star metal pick is due star metal used. Why follow the same path and then name the item differently? I understand cosmetic appeal, but the recipe could have provided us a deviating path to follow. Something special in its own way.

epic flawless dlc 2 handed sword base stats are 60 hp damage and 12.83% armor pen, durability 1800.
epic flawless dlc bow does 22 damage with 1500 durability 28 damage with an advance damage kit on them, you only need shaped wood to repair them, a named carpenter can repair them for you if you have one on a carpenters bench with shaped wood.
epic flawless heavy armor needs steel reinforcements to repair, epic flawless dlc heavy chest pieces is 266 armor

There nice short cut at start of game, there useless for 40-50 levels. (I wish they had a steel/harden steel version)
PVE wise, I’m happy with epic version.

They really just need middle grounds versions. I’d be happy with that.

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I think they should have made versions of the dlc armor/weapons craftable at different tiers(using the same models), going from iron to dragonbone or whatever the highest tier is. You could require feats to get the higher versions to make it more balanced.

Also, do the same with the buildings but start at T2 resources and have upgraded HP with T3 versions.

Edit: The downside would be more clutter in your crafting menu.

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We are writing about the non-epic variants?

We all wish that, probably up to and including the good folks at Funcom!

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That should be the same feats needed to get higher version of non-DLCs weapons and armours. And I think it’s the case. At lvl 47 with a T4 blacksmith it’s possible to craft flawless DLCs or not weapons but not epic flawless weapons DLCs or not weapons. That means I need feats that are not available at my level. Same with a T3 armourer except it won’t craft Turan exceptional or flawess armours, just the basic ones. While it can (or will be able to) craft all other flawless and exceptional DLCs armours. Perhaps it’s because I got the S1 DLCs before I got the thrall and the Turan DLC after. Or it’s a bug.

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If DLC weapons and armors were stronger than normal ones, you would be here raging because the game would be a Pay to Win.

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I kill sh*t all the time with DLC weapons, and primarily run in DLC armor. Epic versions anyhoo.

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I’ll probably end up buying Jewel of the West just for my Roamin(Roman) empire playthrough. So basically just for the armor. lol

Which would be point of them matching up with others.
Steel and hardensteel version of DLC’s. It wouldn’t be pay to win, just same as unlock feat perk and yays you can now make harden steal sword or dlc version of it.

Tier 3 building dlc all learned at same time as black ice. Make similar stages with DLC weapons skins.

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