Are DLC items auto learn?

I wondering if you buy dlc is the recipe in your skills auto learn?

No, you still got to unlock it after leveling up. These perks are cheap though, they cost 1 or 0 points.

They should cost zero since max weapon tier is less than star metal weapons. Even there epics is weaker than star metal weapons. The epic versions of dlc weapons requires star metal.

No for free, unless you have to know the simular skill from start set.

I’m talking about the dlc set being 0 skill points to unlock.

Since you pay to have them.

Yes and i told you have to pay for ex normal t3 Buildings to be able to build dlc t3. Not good if you can get extra Points …

You realize T3 is T3.

You can’t build T3 without T1-T3.

The materials are locked by lower levels.

Yes and normal t3 have to lock dlc t3 and not just get it for free. dont ad a paytovin to the dlc´s


  1. Buy the DLC;
  2. Make sure you have the standard T3 builds unlocked;
  3. All DLC’s, which are T3, are auto-unlocked and will be listed in your Inventory.

Furniture, specific to the DLCs, are only available through the specific artisan crafting station for that DLC (I think this auto-unlocks too?)


Thanks. Was wondering if it cost me extra skill points to unlock dlc stuff.

Oh, that is a good surprise…
They are basically free if you learn the non DLC versions of them.

  • This means that if you learn the usual artisian crafting bench (for desks, decorations, jars and all that stuff), you automatically unlock aquilonian and khitan if you bought these.
  • As for armor, the same happens with the exile armor perk. Buy it, and you will be able to craft all the DLCs armor without spending more points.
  • Same applies to weapons, though they cost even less. You only need to learn the stone version of them and then you should be able to craft them at your smith station.

By the way:
Epic bows only require shaped wood and a string for only a lil less damage compared to starmetal. Nice trade!
Flawless versions of weapons and armors require any named smith or armorer.
Wanna go for flawless medium strenght armor, but being stuck with Fia (or Jehungir or whonever else)?
Craft khitan medium.
In need of a heavy encumbrance armor which comes with cold protection?
Craft khitan heavy.
Dislike shemite armor but need a light accuracy armor?
Go for light pict armor.

I would recommend buying at least one DLC for good lvl 10 weapons without having to unlock any iron weapon plus a cheap epic bow for your archers. And if you happen to love decorations, you should decide between khitan (asia alike) and aquilonian (greek/rome like? idk). (Pict and Yamatai come with pet skins instead.)

Yeah, thought the sense of DLCs are fine - look pretty, add interest and bring in lots and lots of money, I do think sometimes that the exceptional artists at FunCom do need to keep All the game items when defining construction and materials :wink:
I agree regarding buying only one or two, but damn, they look pretty so Must.Have.More! :smiley:
The one thing that the DLCs really bring is that players can tribal-up with unique uniforms oe individuals can mix 'n match themselves (add dyes and they can mix 'n match themselves to the London catwalk)
Roll on more DLCs - but it would really nice to see things like cobbles and yurts and the like to enhance all including the role player and builder communities.

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