How to learn Perfected Hardened Steel Heavy Weapons

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Not seeing any information on google about how to learn Perfected Hardened Steel Heavy Weapons. Perfected Steel Light Weapons used to be a journey reward apparently but I’m not seeing that either. Thanks.

I think it is the bench that enables the build.


Correct. You need the regular improved blacksmith if I recall correctly.


Thanks. I think it might require the T3 smithing station. I just skipped to Starmetal given how much drops from Cimmerians.

That’s possible. I don’t recall offhand as I’ve never crafted one. They’re obsolete by the time you progress further in the game and I did the journey steps at level 60. I will say that you will find some weapons and armor can only be crafted on certain tier benches. That’s why most players have BOTH an improved AND a garrison/campaign bench.

Edit: I just realized you’re asking about perfected HARDENED STEEL. This might not be an option outside of the random loot drops. I’ve not seen any of them in the bench offhand, though I could be wrong.

Ah yeah, the perfected hardened.

As far as T3 bench, I think I’m going to need to expand my castle, or tuck things away in some of the little cubbies I have now.

I ran around for a bit with just perfected hardened steel and star metal. It’s like Funcom intended to make that step… very strict.

Yeah… :unamused:

I added some extra space fairly easily and have a good way to expand. Also going vertical. I just liked the design I had but I have retained it while adding space.

I suggest maybe planning out a new base design you’re happy with that factors in these benches. Build up your materials and rebuild it from the ground up. It’s better than being unhappy with the currently modified design.

I’m good, I have some more floors I can use in a tower and made some space with a slight modification. I kind of like the organic growth look of something that was added to over time, and the size/scale of what a real mountain top castle would tend to be (aside from huge fortresses and ornamental palaces made to look like castles).

To be completely honest, I didn’t even know Perfected Hardened Steel was a thing. I agree with others, try an Improved Blacksmith or maybe double check you have the Knowledge? Good luck!

Hmm. Should be that after you finish the normal Blacksmith Journey step, then the Steelsmith Journey step unlocks.
After learning to make Steel and Steel tools, you get the final Hardened Steel Smith.
This last one unlocks the recipes for the Perfected Hardened Steel Weapons.

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Yeah… We really need to add some info to the English wiki

Added basic redirection to the relevant Journey step

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