I got some Questions, please try to answer some

Hi there, I have some questions:

  1. I found a hardened steel pick and it gives me the same amount of resources as a normal steel pick, shouldnt it be higher? (I am lvl 60 and got the Talent to craft them myself). Does the hardened steel pickaxe give me more?

  2. Do flawless/exceptional tools exist? If so, how do I get them?

  3. On which Drop-Factor are you playing? I have a server with friends and play with a factor of 2x, steel pick gives around 14 stone per hit. I feel like this is way to few, as hardened steel requires absurd amounts of steel/coal(fuel and tar)/brimstone/bark(tar), also base building is a complete nightmare. Or is this intended in mid/late game?

  4. How do I level up as a lvl 60?

  5. Where do I get armor which has more temperature robustness than one bar? And is there any info out there which armor increases which stat and what the material costs are?

  6. I have my Base in the North where no Aloe is located, what can I do to have good heal potions/food?

  7. We tried some bosses but the healthbar didnt even deplete a bit, which bosses can we kill with steel/hardened steel gear?

  8. Is there any roadmap of the developer showing what they are working on?

That’s for now, thanks :slight_smile:

  1. yes hardened steel tools should be better than steel tools just as steel are better than iron
  2. nope, you can only obtain a black ice pick in the temple of frost (you need a hardened steel one and some black ice)
  3. hardened steel and above are considered “mid-late” items, try farming the north camps (Asgard and Mounds) for steel drops
  4. 60 is the max level, fastest way is doing journey steps or craft t3 buildings and vaults can be if you have a ton of matterials
  5. Silent Legion set (Black Keep dungeon set) has the most built in resistance to elements, i’ll not explain how to get it because it’s a spoiler but there are vids on youtube
  6. The temple of Mitra crafts Ambrosia which is exactly the same as Aloe potions, but you need to have a temple and the tool that it provides so you can harvest human corpses
  7. Bosses are killable in any sort of gear depending on personal skill and the ping factor, they just have silly amounts of health (again there are videos on youtube on which are the easiest to farm)
  8. No as far as i know, most of the coming stuff are shown on dev streams

Hope that answers most of your questions!

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exceptional tools and armour are from tier 3 crafting thralls its their speciality
different individuals have different patterns.

same for flawless only those are tier 4 thralls.

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