Hardened steel better than higher tiers?

I’ve been playing quite a lot since the patch that introduced the new combat system. I’ve noticed that several hardened steel weapons (hammer and war axe, i think there are a few others but i don’t remember them specifically) are better than their higher level counterparts (star metal and acheronian). Considering that star metal is simply higher level and harder to find and mine, and acheronian requires the highest level to be crafted, this seems a little odd to me. I don’t know if this is intended (which would absolutely puzzle me) or if the devs should look at this and correct it so higher level results into better weapons.

I know there is better stuff to be found in the game (just in case some people are worried about spoilers I won’t name them) but still, I think this is an issue worth fixing.

yeah, i thought star-metal would beat the shizzle out of hardned stell, but it’s not worth the work.
It’s just a waste of both resources and time.

The balance comes with durability vs effectiveness, and with tools most of the time, durability is far more important than yield, since you will burn those collected resources repairing the item over and over.

Star Metal has a bad baseline but amazing stats when exceptional or Flawless, far better than Acheronian, but Acheronian has really high durability and a solid baseline for it’s stats.

They didn’t want the end game stuff to just be a simple this is better than that, so there is some choice. There is an argument to be made about the Dungeon gear though, since it is vastly better than anything else, and doesn’t need to be crit crafted with a good Thrall.

Such as Telith’s Lament/Sorrow being the best all round Swords in the game, better even than some legendaries and they have the added bonus of being repairable. But I suppose the logic is “You need to kill a boss to get them”, but Aloe Pot spam makes them super easy, and the world bosses are actually much more difficult than any Dungeon boss.

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Star metal is better than hardened steel. It has better yield and can be repaired with kits made from hardened steel, so you don’t have to waste star metal on repairs unless you break it completely. You’ll get a lot more resources and repair only slightly more frequently. Totally worth it, especially with a tool upgrade kit attached.