Cannot make some DLC items

Game mode: *Online official
Type of issue: *Bug
Server type: *PvP
Region: *America
Mods?: *No

Bug Description:

Unable to craft any DLC building pieces. All DLC says owned in funcom launcher. In feats all T3 building pieces are learned including DLC but none of the DLC pieces appear in crafting window.

Expected Behavior:

Would like to be able to craft all DLC items

Steps to Reproduce:

Am just launching game

As you can see there are no DLC weapons, same holds true for building pieces including the various artesian benches.

Would verify game-file by Steam. Relaunch game, even maybe waite on a server reboot.

Just made a test before on my own server. No mods used.
And i can definitevly make them all.

Make sure, all needed feats are learned, but you’re lvl 60, so should be done i imagine.

Yea have verified files like 10 times over that last few days. Disabled and reenabled the DLCs in steam. You can see in the screen shots the DLC weapons are green meaning learned feats yet they don’t appear at the crafting bench.

Are you using the correct bench?

Advanced Blacksmith Bench, building pieces don’t show up my own self crafting either. Don’t really want to reinstall but I guess I will do that over night.

Solution: Sort on top right, change None to All. I forget about it sometimes too. :smirk:


You do realize that you have “NONE” selected on your bench and you need to select “ALL” or the DLC specific you want to craft from?


Gah, like the OP, I constantly forget about the freaken filters. Two points to you


Actually in that screen shot I am looking for weapons, so the filter is correct. Reinstall is almost comlete so will see if that helps.

You’re not talking about the same filter that @fito is pointing out. Let me clarify:

When that filter is set to “None”, it only shows the recipe from the base game, without any DLCs. Set it to “All” to include all recipes, or pick a specific DLC to show only those recipes.


lol, a new filter. Thanks.


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