Is the new DLC worth buying given the nerfs?

The DLC has not had a good reception to put it mildly. I am leaning towards giving it pass since the weapons are much weaker and not equal to to current ones available.

The construction though could keep me happy is that part any good?

Should I just wait see how this mess unfolds with the DLC, or walk away from any intent on buying it?

The construction pieces require hardened brick.

yeah they just recycled/re-purposed the reinforced stone building t3 requirements is all.- kind of lazy but its doable.-nothing new there though.

DLC is what DLC is.

If you think its overpriced, it is, so dont buy it. If you think the price is fine, get it.

I personally dont buy DLCs ever, the practice is a money grab by the industry that went from having to make quality Expansion packs to breaking up those packs to try to make more money while not even making the content depth an xpac would bring.

I was holding off on making weapons for my thralls, just so i could deck them out with Khitan gear.
It’s not even worth putting on thralls.

Can any T4 blacksmith craft Flawless weapons from the DLC ?
how good are Flawless DLC versions in the starmetal tier compared to vanilla statmetal ones? are them cheaper? damage/durability?

I summoned in an epic flawless version of the 2h sword, and it does 47 dmg. That’s completely pointless to even bother with.

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Thank you for that. I was on the fence about requesting a refund on the DLC, because I was trying to determine if the building blocks were at least worth it. I kept hoping someone on my server built something with it, but nobody is rushing that bad(which is fair lol).

Hearing that description right there helps a lot, because that doesn’t sound like something I’d want to build with. Also this:

That pretty much shows that what I was hoping to build wouldn’t look right anyway. XD

…and I hear they require star metal to craft, but aren’t as good as hardened steel. :frowning:

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As long Funcom keep the new items on par, absolutely not better then the old ones I think everything is okay.

For $10 I would buy the new constructionist parts alone. Buying the DLC will actually be the first things I do when I get home.


Don’t worry, they’re not only far from being better than the old weapons, they’re far from being on par with the old weapons. They’re practically worthless. :smiley:

But as I said the building parts alone is easy worth $10.

Wish I shared the same sentiment, but I wanted the whole package to be worth it, not just half of it. :\

funcom has put the statement “All the new items have the comparable stats to existing items” this is false and until they fix both the weapons and the armor i can not recommend this dlc to anyone. there is no other level 10 armor that i know of that needs gold dust… hell there is no other armor in the game that needs it but with this dlc the medium and heavy do. A clear lie about it being only cosmetic

I bought it :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s really worth it or not… but I like the game and I think it IS worth supporting it (at least for now, that might change in the future ofc.) and since U$S 10 is within my budget, I didn’t saw any problems with spending it.

And also, the fact that I don’t have any interest in any other games atm (at least, that I don’t already own…) helps too :smile:

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your to easy to please my friend… can I sale you 10 hectares of land right on the coast… 9 are in the water but hey your still willing to pay the full price right =P

i bought it and yet if this is what they plan on release as cosmetic dlc then i will not be buying any future dlc from them

I’d hate to be the artist who creates these assets, knowing they’d be consigned to “Pay to Lose” DLC’s.

Reminds me of the carefully crafted Guild Wars 2 once-in-a-life-time “Throw away” scenarios.


halcyon i feel more sorry for them as there will be less people buying the dlc that they worked on because of others bad choices

That said…there are 4 (!!!) things that are actually useful in the DLC.

The paper lanterns (made with plant fiber) and the Khitan braziers (10 iron ingot with a t4 thrall)

But let’s keep this a secret, cuz people might whine that the costs are too unbalanced, and they start adding gold dust in there… Wouldn’t want P2W lanterns now, do we?