PC patch, the new DLC and the future

Great job Funcom on the PC patch, it fixed a few of the bugs that were hurting the game. I dont seem to have any problems with logging in any more. There are still quite a few to work out, but i am sure that the team will nip this in the bud soon enough.

The new DLC looks great, the building pieces and the armor seem well thought out. I have purchased the first DLC the Khitan set and really like it. I was going to purchase the new DLC today but decided to put this on hold as there are bugs with the armor. No point in buying a bugged DLC.

My major concern moving forward with this game is content, I watched the Funcom guy on youtube and as far as he has pointed out there will be no new area on the map, there will be 3 new bosses to fight and we get some pets to train. No new area for some time is what I got out of the video. This is very concerning to me as I play on a PVE server that is already over run with mass bases and giant square buildings that have no thought or imagination put into them. We need more space.

I hit max level with in 5 days of playing this game, and have now beaten all the content provided ( took me around 2 weeks) there really is not enough content for the PVE servers, and I am losing interest with the game as there is no real challenge. So i must ponder do i keep my base up, or let it go and retry the game in a couple months or maybe a year. There are still a tremendous amount of bugs that need to be fixed as I said earlier this also has contributed to my losing interest.

I really hope to see some real content put forward and a map that you can actually roam, would be nice if my thralls did their jobs and helped during purges, and this game doesnt turnt into a min transaction game full of useless DLC content and no real meat.

Thanks for listening

Red Sonja

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