New patch is very disappointing

Is this all we gonna get after all this time with no content at all? I hoped you had something more than this to offer us after we have been supporting this game for so long. Leveling characters is not very fun anymore. Funcom had a great financial year in 2018, please tell us that you have more content coming down the line.

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We do.


can you comment on what it is? Raid? Area? 6 man? So far all the new content has been “saga” which is not content. Our guild quit raiding 5 months ago after we got tired of gearing up 5th-6th alts in T6…

Unless he gets permission from the higher ups he can’t. That’s usually the gist in Game Dev.

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New mode where you have to play the game again.

The reward: a reskin of saddurs poopy loincloth. Its browner this time.


Well some people must like it. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Tortage this full, and seeing call’s for Dungeon runs from Black Castle, Vistrix on up in chat’s a good thing.


And don’t plan on doing any lagging or DCing because you likely will come back dead. Which happened to my lvl 32 tos and I am not planning on doing it again for the ugly white nurses outfit

Got to be a lot better stuff for me to try again

Thanks Funcom for lagging me out

Someone must be to lvl 80 by now: what sort of social rewards did you get? I would like to see what else there is besides the lvl 20 and 40 vanity gear (posted earlier on lvl 20 one)

mounts? pets? ugly outfits?

thank you

I’ve seen someone post weapons in global, idk if there’s something else

The only rewards are badges at I think each 10th level, vanity outfits at 20, 40, 60 & 80 and then vanity weapons at 80 and the achievement.

Someone linked the 20 & 40 one’s in game yesterday. While they had different names (unyielding & undying I think) the outfit shown was the same, the little white number. Reports are the 60 & 80 are robes and look the same too.

Was in Wildlands today leveling an unconquered shammy… the place was jammed with players… looked like mass desertion from RF. So, maybe someone could think of better patch, but this one is obvious success in its own right. Personally, I’m running it for a second time, since enjoyed first run with necro.

Its really great you (and probably others) enjoy the unconquered stuff GeneralFear. Not gonna take anything away from your experience off course.

But I do think the “popularity” has a lot more to do with the fact that we are being so starved for new content that we willing to jump head first at any bone, regardless of how small it is, Funcom throws at us. I myself suffer from this as Im leveling a HoX at the moment. :upside_down_face:


Well, hopefully Funcom will start throwing out bigger bones over time if the popularity of the game rebounds from all the smaller things they do. I’m starting to see a lot of questions and requests for help from new players in global… more than I’ve seen in a long time, so something is moving in the right direction.