So...We are getting new "content" and content

Funcom was obviously being very secretive about what’s coming next but this stream we got good sh*t revealed!

Weapon cosmetics - figured this would come sooner or later. It seems they did read my suggestion on how to make it work (active in slot as long as equivalent item is equipped, if no same item, cosmetic is unequipped).

Aquilonians getting a mage (was it that, or was it what they want to add later? Correct me if I’m wrong) and Stygians getting a DT finally - meh for me. Can’t seem to make a styg look cool, at all haha.

The Unconquered characters for each server - level to 80 without ANY death (except cutscenes) and you get rewarded for each milestone. Weapon and armor cosmetics…

More features coming soon - erm…no idea what could be coming Tbh… mount cosmetics? Character customization post creation? (I mean like one pre creation)

Cosmetic window class restrictions for armour - they said no promises, but at least it will be noted for the devs, or if any are watching, it’s already being reviewed (HOPEFULLY). If they can do weapon cosmetics, they can do this easy.

Well, they are getting their sh*t together now, so that’s a start. Can’t wait for what’s coming next.


I missed the dev stream, wish that I hadn’t…

For everyone who missed it:


Thank you for the link, LordGraa…

That helps.

This suggestion was probably brought up like 200 times since the vanity system was introduced in summer of 2011 but they always said it would never be possible due to how weapon animations work. Well, I just hope they introduce this, would be incredible awesome.

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The Unconquered characters is just another way of yet again recyle old content…

  • I feel rather done making new characters in gimicky fluff that boils down to announcing something “new” but actually just means playing the same content all over again.

  • This will split the community alot since you wouldnt take the risk of pugging anything.

  • The leaderboard tracking AA gains that was brought up on stream, with the purpose of keeping people active taking risks is very easily manipulated and will create cheesing where u do harmless things to farm AA.

  • These characters mixed in with the normal realm will create huge issues. There are endless of ways to sabotage/kill others, thus why hardcore in diablo/poe is seperate from the normal playmode. Just as an example you will see bunch of normal players go to playfields, pull ton of mobs only to die next to a unconquered-character that will then get the aggro and die b4 realizing whats going on.

  • I would have hoped for actual development and new content from a subscriptionbased mmo where the company reports record financial heights :roll_eyes:


Will believe it when seen

Well on stream at least they showed weapon cosmetics and Unconquered…so that’s a start

Yes it was indeed. But only I brought up this specific method, or even mentioned a method

are you after some patting on your shoulder? gj gj :laughing: funcom themselfes even said they could do it this way back then, but they didnt want to, probably cos other mmos let people switch between 1he and 1hb etc, and didnt want to be worse.

@Garrus-N7 Trust me, you are not the first one that brought up that vanity weapon system. Myself and many others have mentioned that very way for vanity weapons ever since the vanity system was implemented years ago.

Trust me, it was not you who came up with this idea the first time. When Funcom said that they couldn’t implement it due to the animations we told them several times to introduce it with a lock that only lets you equip the same weapon as you are using as power gear, so no swords being replaced by blunts or daggers, only swords by swords, polearms by polearms and so on.


Well, if that’s the case then it took them long enough haha. Well, not that I blame them. Few years in debt kinda makes it impossible to do much on a near dead game so…

I think it’s fair to say it is funcom’s fault that they were in debt.

No new content, just again a carrot to do old content over and over again.

I personally would have liked the unconquered thing a lot - in a single player game. In an MMO, in AoC, it will make us play solo, and it will bring a lot of trolls to the scene who will try to make people loose the unconquered status. Like @Moriala said. The idea is not thought through good enough and showes that the people who came up with this do not actually play the game.

I feel like old systems which can get extended are beeing ignored - we heard the same words about the achievement system which we hear now about the badges. What about working with what you have first? Like extend the achievement system, add achievements, add meaningfull rewards.


It’s rather… sad… watching Funcom trying to reinvent the wheel. The people saying that they’re bored and want new content don’t mean “Lets make people re-level and just add new goals while leveling huhubrbrlol” but this is apparently what Funcom see’s.

I could care less about the possibility of vanity weapons. It will add no content or meaning to keep subbing. Same with opening up more classes to each race. These are things that could have been done years ago and might have made a difference then.

And as others have said, this new “lets level another toon to 80 but dont die the entire time on it” will do nothing to add or keep people on the game and if anything will bring back people who’s only enjoyment is ruining the game for other people by running hoards of mobs into people right when they’re doing aoe damage like people used to do with Scorn and people farming Beguiler Bloods in PLS.

I can only imagine someone sitting here, sinking 50 hours into their “unconquered” toon to die because they rubberbanded off a cliff because of server wide lagspike or crashed in a fight and finding themselves dead upon relogging and having an aneurism.


“Unconquered” character huh … Funcom making cowards of their players … people who value a vanity title so much that they will not risk that character dying … a return to the glory days of powerlevelling … of players hitting a world boss once then retreating to safety letting others do their fight for them … and carrying toons through instances in stacked groups so there is no chance of wiping … (ive done all but two of the six mans in this game … and ALL of those I’ve completed with five players - often as one player has died early in the fight and the remaining five or less have finished them … so definitely feasible to have the “Unconquered” toon stay safe whilst others take the risks. Also done most of the raids short of players as well.)

If this is the new exciting content then I like others in this thread are unimpressed and not enthused.

I fear that all this Unconquered character is going to bring to the game is hatred and vindictiveness … from players trying to get the Unconquered characters killed (anyone remember Tortage when level 80s trolled new players at the trader by going there and having level 80 minions spawn next to it) to the anger from players who lose the Unconquered status and blame others for it … Funcom has learnt nothing from the PvP player complaints of losing their winning streaks due to bugs, crashes or players sabotaging mini games.
Also the burn-out that will occur amongst players trying to get and keep this Unconquered character … how many times will players be willing to restart for a vanity title before they log out for good?
But no worries, we always have the prospect of them soon introducing a gambling box we can buy from the ingame shop with a low chance of a death-protection potion dropping that lasts a few hours.


Funcom turns his MMO game into a single player game WTF

I can only assume all the horror stories above have to do with the Fury the Pvp server, because I’ve never seen any of it on Crom.

No big lag spikes or crashing during a fight.

No players dragging NPC’s onto my character. In fact I’ve had the NPC’s run past me going both ways and ignore me as the other guy did the aggro. It’s even a 50/50 shot of me getting someone’s attention if I shoot them as they go past, with them generally ignoring me.

I’m not a fan of the ‘Unconquered’ idea, but I can’t think of a single way someone else could get me killed on Crom.

Not at all I’ve seen it on the PvE server… massive lag spikes during fights that leave you dead… raid zone crashes that eject the entire raid from the instance …
On Set which was the USA PvE server was where we watched as level 80s went to the tortage zone and stood near the trader with the cursed scroll curse quest active on them … spawning in level 80 minions which would then attack the low level characters … at the time the guards throughout Tortage and hub cities used to be coded as neutral but attackable … ie Yellow NPCs … which if YOU dealt them splash damage as you defended yourself then they’d aggro onto you and kill you. So other players had to camp in Tortage and kill the minions to spoil that person’s fun or newbie players weren’t safe.
Who hasn’t had a lag spike that has caused them to run off the edge of the Entity instance … or been in raid where that has happened.
Ah the invisible spike traps in Refuge of Apostate instance …and the bugged final boss activation sequence - the one where you need to run down the stairs to activate him but randomly even if you did it all “right” the timer bugged out and you get prematurely rooted unable to complete the run … ah …fun times …

A friend and I used to raid with two different European-based guilds at the same time in t6 and t5 respectively … both raid groups would get rolling lag spikes of up to 5 seconds hit us around 10 pm CST … often causes wipes as we’d be mid-fight and people simply could not respond to the mechanics.

And … the reason I think we do not see people kiting enemies into them to get them killed is that there hasn’t been much reason to do it … Funcom has now given them a reason …