So...We are getting new "content" and content


I can only assume you haven’t played that long, then.

I remember back on Wiccana the last time that solstice quest was up, there were people from trollish guilds who would stand in tortage on 80s and cause those Vanir Avengers to spawn and they would attack anyone nearby. For hours at a time. They would go as far as to stand at the rezpads and effectively gank lowbies for hours on end.

I remember farming beguiler blood on a conq, dropping my fire banner, and having some person from Shadowdancers run scorn into me numerous times, waiting until my banner had dropped, because they wanted to farm the instance I was in.

You haven’t had lagspikes that have caused death? Then I can only assume you spend the majority of your time sololy gaming on the game, as these happen frequently in 6 mans, raids, rf, you name it. We have suffered near server wide “lost connection to server” messages from them only to log back in and find that we had ofc, wiped.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it, or the words of the numerous other people who complain about the lag and can also provide horror stories of how crappy people on this game can be. shrug



I haven’t watched the stream yet, but judging by what people have said in this thread, this ‘Unconquered’ feature sounds absolutely terrible. The things people like Kwalya and Amelias are saying are spot on what will happen when this feature goes live.

No way in heck would I even attempt something like this in this game.



So this is the third time our content is: level new toon from 1 to 80 and get recolored vanity rewards



About time they introduced weapon cosmetics. Although taking credit is laughable. Because it can’t have been any of the hundreds of posts and threads.

I’m surprised there’s any type of new content, I thought Six was well and truly in maintenance mode. Regardless, we really could have used these changes years ago.

As for unconqured, let’s see all the powerleveling commence and ruin play areas for everyone.



the hardcore mode isn’t even hardcore, you can still play the toon after? lame. the entire point of an hardcore mode is that you loose your toon, and have to restart if you wanna go at it again, that’s where the excitement lies. don’t think achievments (or whatever vanity-rewards there are) are gonna cut it as excitement, but maybe if the leaderboards are gonna be good and track gear tier progression of 6mans and such - but that sounds like a dream from the leaderboard they mentioned.

BUT having same realm means you can get carried in content by non- unconquered toons…

glad for those who care about cosmetics, but this game needs more content, or real quality of life changes (such as handling of trolls in minis) or recycling of content (which this isn’t, this is just putting content on replay)

hopefully the other thing they said they’ve been working on will be goood.



Unconquered is a thing where you can’t die? Lol this aughta be good. :japanese_ogre:



Even if it was not possible to get harassed by other players when doing that no death thing, I just know that I will eventually die to a lag spike or a dc, or some 5th dimension voodoo “Expletive deleted”, so I am going to ignore this thing.



don’t worry, they probably gonna sell us potions to prevent fail of Unconquered quest :slight_smile:



Yeah I thought about that, and if that’s the case then the title will be meaningless :smiley:



If you going to steal stuff from Diablo 3 why can’t you steal the good ideas? Like, dungeons with infinitely scalable difficulty, or armor set bonuses?



The idea of a “greater rift dungeon” would actually be very nice and creative.



Unconquered = buy the ultimate lvl 80 pack from item shop = milk the players more = funcom is happy and some disparate player happy with his new vanity set :face_with_monocle::sunglasses::nerd_face:



Don’t worry, as far as I know we’re not!

Can’t use the boost on an Unconquered character!



Hi, do we need a new slot for making an unconquered character or it’s like on saga where we could create just one even if without slot available?



You’ll need an open and unlocked slot to make an Unconquered character; it’s not a new server like the Sagas.



The vanity is exclusive for the unconqerable toon or is it transfered as a claim to others of same account? And weapon type for vanity is for instance 2HE so axe and sword can be interchanged in vanity?



The vanity rewards from leveling up your Unconquered character should be claimable for the rest of the account. As they’re both 2HE, you can make an Axe look like a Sword and vice-versa, yes.



Thanks for clarify finally i can wield an axe :+1:

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and my hox shall once again wield the Carnage!!! :smile:



Could we have vanity enabled in minigames and in Border Kingdoms then?