Yes, There Will be a Developer Stream Recap

Just to clear up any confusion, yes, I will be writing a recap for the stream. I’ll post it as usual when it’s done.


Thank you Multigun. I haven’t had time for the stream today, so I look forward to seeing what it’s all about :slight_smile:


Are we there yet? Are we there yet-



Thanks, @Multigun. I can’t speak for everyone, but I really appreciate your work on these. Unlike video, text is searchable and quotable, and that’s why I’m grateful for these recaps.


Yeah I love to see recap as I watch stream but couldn’t understand everything they said.

@CodeMage well I never found that post on 3.0 but well in stream they are working towards it and it massive in size apparently so I just go with the information they said as I still can’t find it

What troubled me was their pronunciation of Nemedian. I accepted Khitan, grudgingly, because anything Jens-Erik said was like a word wrapped in buttery gold.

My Stream Transcript
“This thicc DLC is so medieval, Marsellus Wallace is known to use it on his enemies.”

:last 3 minutes:
“Watch out for 3.0, it’ll knock socks off!” :eyes:

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Can we hope that 3.0 is an upgrade to Unreal 5?

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Unfortunately, there was nothing I see addressing raid.

Pvp is mentioned, and honestly the self assessment of how good it is was obtuse to the actual state of official pvp. But I’ll hold judgement until fully disappointed by 3.0 release 9f another combat balance where you have to purposely ignore meta to actually achieve that balance pass.


That is a quote worth accentuating and preserving. I really think this encapsulates the disconnect (sorry I dislike this word) between the players and the dev team.


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