Thoughts on the dev stream info

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In general, the idea of weapons being a sort of class type is good to me. This will hopefully lead to a more scissors/paper/rock type mechanic in 1 v1, and group fights having specialists of sorts.

The new mods seem redundant, but i will have to look at resources and what the actual buffs/debuffs are. If armor pen is the same with oil as the current mod, why would i use it.

The battle flag is intersting. good for arenas builds. I just hope an admin version comes out for placement on a private server for raid/fight zones. A place where and admin can plant a flag (no claim, just a large area), and people can raid within the area etc.

I know there will be “hidden” gems they didn’t spoil, but in general i was happy with the combat focus, but disappointed that we are still, at minimum, at least another patch away from siege and raiding mechanics or admin UI stuff for private owners. That is if they ever address those tbh.


Siege or raiding mechanics. What do you have in mind? (@zerog and I were discussing the fun of lobbing a fightr thrall into a guy’s tower with a treb.)


thrall overhaul and AI improvement were topics I missed?


Oil of Penetration for your weapons.

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I thought the move towards better grouping dynamics is going the right direction. Coming from old school MMORPGS (such as Everquest), there was always a focus on roles within a team that lead to social interaction. I’m very happy to see the direction the team is taking in that regard.

A suggestion that I would make in that area, and which is alluded to in the video, is the amount of threat each weapon creates. If that could be listed on weapons, that would be great.

Overall, hopefully this will lead to bigger, and more intense dungeons. It would be great to really push the boundaries, and create content that challenges whole clans. I have suggested for a while to my clan mates a “Temple of Veeshan” type dungeon with end game Dragons (or other npcs) that would give truly end game loot. Running end game dungeons in older MMORPGs was perhaps my favorite part of those games.

Anyways, I’m very happy - and can’t wait to see where the game goes!

I was personally gratified to see something like an official definition of hyperarmor from the Dev Team.

Hyperarmor: cannot be interrupted but you can take damage.

Also, it was exposed that Cripple is technically “Snare,” so that might be helpful in understanding where Lead is going with at least one of the current in-game elements.

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Did we find out iff the oil and a regular weapon/tool upgrade stack? Do they provide either multiple boosts, or double efficacy? I didn’t hear them answer that question.

They didn’t use them on upgraded weps in the stream, and things are apt to change, but it seems to me once a wep is modded you can poison it or oil it.

We have animal corpses now from dead pets, we should be able to load those up into the treb and fling the rotting corpses into an enemies lair.)

As for base defenses, I’d like to see the traps from the Warmakers sanctuary added to what we can place in game… (Maybe as a new construction skill that can be unlocked?) Ideally they wouldn’t require anything too exotic to construct…

Siege camps that let us place our thralls within other players bases… (They double as a food pot, and your thralls WILL starve to death if you don’t keep them fed while in enemy territory…)


if you mean the floor spikes that spring up, I am TOTALLY with u on that! should just use the same spike you make at artisan table for palisades plus regular building mats IMO and be a new construction piece. Rotate 90 degrees on one axis, then the other, and place in a wall :smiling_imp:

come raid my temple of DOOM

That and the bounce pads…

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A Trojan Horse that works like a player controlled re-spawn point.
Place horse anywhere like a bomb.
Fill it with your captured thralls
Hit open gate.
the thralls you placed will now spawn here as NPC’s that attack like a purge. (not belonging to any player).**
These thralls cannot be captured.**
They do not have loot tables or drop anything on death.**
They only way to stop the re-spawning is to destroy the Trojan Horse.
Only re-spawns during PVP raid time. **
tied to Raid mechanics and new battle flag system.

** denotes needed to avoid exploiting for free loot or thralls.


yeah I see WAY too many exploit openings for this idea to fly, please FC just fix undermesh before this ever gets touched lol

and u could exploit the hell outta those bouncing pads to leapfrog into a base so im going to give that a thumbs down sorry.

Especially when crazy glitches like “just land on a bomb and you won’t die” videos show up in combination with this

Anyone else getting sick of how they’re not working on the stuff almost everyone wants, new zone, mounts, or sorcery. Its getting kind of insulting at this point.



Me neither lol.


make it three. Rather they try to tighten what is already there for PVP raiding, and PVE dungeons.


Just now I told @zerog how if they let me ride a camel I’d become the new Lawrence of Arabia and Barnes as meat would cease to exist. However, I’m absolutely delighted by that look in Alex’s eye when he says (paraphrasing) “we want to take what’s working and amplify it.” Hearing that and seeing their enthusiasm, I don’t think I’ve ever been more charged up about a patch.

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What you seem ignorant off is that some of these features the screaming crowd demands are simply technically not possible (Map Extension/Mounts) or require horrendous amounts of work (Sorcery).

I am quite certain that they are working on at least sorcery, but it will be maybe another half a year before we get any updates on that progress.

Also ‘everyone’ in this case is quite an exaggeration, there are far more pressing matters to the game then mounts and map extensions.