Dev Stream: Testlive Update with Oscar and Jens (11-23-18) - Bulletin Summary Edition

Hello peeps,

This one is a bit late, it was a very long weekend for me and I sorta kinda maybe forgot to do the summary. A lot of the info in here can be found on the testlive patch notes but Oscar talked about more in-depth in the stream with regards to additions and changes (and of course showcased by Jens). As always, to cut down on my time it takes to do these things with regards to formatting issues, here are google drive links to a Google Doc, and a PDF.

Google Doc Link

PDF Link


Hey dude, did you join the community team, recently? :wink:
Anyway, good job and many thanks for your effort to wrap things up. I completely missed the last dev stream myself and it can be lenghty sometimes, but I never mind if Oscar is there, too. Have to watch it myself. :+1:

Na, Ive been doing these write ups for the last few months now. Just trying to help out. I’m more of a write up summary guy myself, so I figure there are other peeps out there who prefer written text over watching videos like myself.

They’re greatly appreciated, watching the full stream is my preference, but for various reasons not always possible (or not until a later date, in any case). These write-ups allow me to stay somewhat updated in the meantime.

Excellent write up as always. :smiley:


I started playing Exiles recently. It is good to see these kinds of developments, especially for archery since I could immediately tell it was lacking.

I would very much like to see more off hand weapon combinations added. What the throwing axe can do is fun. Having off hand combos for weapons like short spears, short swords, knives, etc. would be great.

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