Developer Stream: Thursday, August 22, 2019 - Update 37 content reveal

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:fire: Thursday Oslo Conan Exiles Stream :fire:

This stream has ended.

Tune into the Funcom livestreaming channels for news about the next Conan Exiles content update! We have a fair bit to talk about, so you don’t want to miss it. Be sure to get some snacks :wink:

:watch: When :watch:

Thursday, August 22 at 5 PM CEST / 11 AM EDT / 8 AM PDT

:eyes: Where :eyes:

Twitch (This is where the goodies are at!)

Did you miss today’s stream? Fear not, intrepid Exile! You can catch the VOD over on YouTube and get the entire rundown on Battle Standards, new weapons, animation changes, and weapon oils and mod kits. (direct link)

Catch the full stream summary by Multigun here.



I don’t believe 2019 will have an august 20 on Thursday, that’s tuesday

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That’s what it says mate.

yes mate…he edited it to be more correct thanks to my observation :wink:

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It was an error in the title, which I have corrected :wink:

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Gotcha, my bad.

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We will get settlementsystem, mounts AND sorcery. Im calling it. Conan will finally take its rightful place on top of the survival game throne :joy: (a man can dream)


I hope that they will start to rebuild the old dungeons to make them cool like the new ones ))) and improved AI,specially for bosses,cause they are just too easy right now

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I would like that once the live ends, a written summary is made in this forum for those who do not speak English we can translate it, thanks.


Multigun usually makes stream summaries.

(latest issue)


Takes me a while to write them up, but should have one up within 24-36 hours of the stream ending. I write them with as much detail as I can so it takes several hours (and I have RL responsibilities, not paid to do it, I just do it to help out).


Have they even attempted transcribing software? Alexa can even transcribe to text message now:

Dunno, but if I was reading a summary, I would prefer something like what I do versus just speech to text. I try and summarize what is stated in an easier format, and include links to various things discussed as appropriate. Whole point is to make the summaries more accessible and still be informative. I’m sure I can do better and try to every summary I work on.


notes it into the planner but is likely to forget about it

I think we all prefer your method but adding to an available transcript might assist your process and save some time for, idk playing conan?

…play? What’s that? The only thing I know how to do is “play” in the dev kit and make mods all day long. And write dev stream summaries apparently.

I sorta do what you describe in a way. The bulletin summaries I do is essentially me creating a transcript for me to go back and type out the more indepth notes. Though I started out with just bulletin summaries in the past and continue to post them since I figure some people still prefer them over my lengthy summaries.


I eat content update announcements for breakfast and right now i’m very hungry!


I am curious but also anxious my expectations won’t be fulfilled :slightly_frowning_face:.
More Settings for us players, especially for private servers, substantial AI Improvements and the long awaited Thrall overhaul are the necessary foundations which will keep this game alive and successful for the future.
Let’s hope the best :pray:t3::muscle:

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I can say, specifically, that you won’t see any of those things on the stream on Thursday. Sorry.