Developer Stream - Conan Exiles Mod Showcase - Exile Architect and More

Dev Stream - 05-02-2019

Opening Statement

New stream means a new write up. Most of the stream was mostly showcasing Illspirit’s mods, and the Turan DLC. As such, there isn’t anything here that is super surprising if you have been around for a while.

The mod’s showcased during this Stream are by the author Illspirit, whose workshop with all their amazing mods can be found here. With that, let’s get this party started.

Links to Bulletin Summary if You Prefer That:

Google Docs Link

PDF Link

There Will be a Stream Next Week Celebrating the 1 year Anniversary for Conan Exiles (12:44):

Conan Exiles was 1.0 released May 8th, of 2018. Funcom is preparing some “cool stuff” to celebrate the Anniversary. Part of that is the content seen on Testlive, which is expected to be released then (new dungeon, town revamps,etc). They will try and have all platforms updated at the same time. However, due to certification on consoles, that might not happen (see XBOX for a recent example of why this is the case). For a preview of what’s to come, visit the below link on Testlive.

New Mechanics (Mounts, etc)? (18:31):

We really should make this into a drinking game or something. Everytime somebody asks about Mounts during the stream, take a shot. Anyways, to summarize what Funcom says here, is that when they feel that have something ready to share on new content (of any kind) they will.

Turan DLC Now Available on XBOX (20:32):

The Turan DLC is now available for XBOX, per the latest update released today. The Year Two Season Pass (which includes the Turan DLC) is not yet out, as it is still going through Microsoft Certification.

Year 1 Bundle vs Year 2 Season Pass Clarification (23:31):

For those of you with questions on their contents, to clear up any confusion, here is the breakdown of the DLCS.

The Year 1 Bundle contains the first 4 DLC’s released for the game.

The Year 2 Season Pass starts with the Turan DLC, and will reward purchasers with the next 3 DLC’s coming out in the future. The following links are for PC, but if need an imagine to understand better, here are the links to the two packs on Steam, which clearly shows which comes with what.

Year 1 DLC Bundle
Year 2 Season Pass

Mod Showcase: Exile Architect (25:04):

Per usual as I’ve done with past Mod based streams, I won’t be summarizing mod features. I encourage anybody interested in what the mod offers to watch the timestamped link, and/or visit the mod page, located here.

Player Suggests Funcom Focus Completely on Bug Fixing (33:07):

At this point in the stream, a player in twitch chat suggests Funcom stop all content updates entirely and do nothing but bug fixing. As Tascha talks about during the stream, this is something that is brought up by players all the time in multiple games across the gaming industry. It’s not exactly new feedback in that regard. Still, as many Conan Exile fans are aware, Funcom has for months now, done what the player has requested. Multiple patches focused exclusively on core content improvements and bug fixing have been deployed to help create a more stable foundation for the game.

Funcom is very committed to continuing to improve the game via bug fixing and core game improvements, but also feel that Conan Exiles is at a good point to resume releasing new content for the game. They are also aware that they are never going to make everybody happy with these decisions. All they can do is do the best that they can to try and give everybody something that they desire.

Further Map Expansion? (38:42):

This has and continues to be discussed to death, so I’ll keep it short. No further expansion of the current map is currently planned due to performance issues. You can read a brief summary of some of those issues on the Wiki, via the Notes section towards the bottom.

Mod Showcase: Fence Gates (44:56):

Same thing as the last time, if you wish to see this mod in action, check out the timestamp. Otherwise, visit the link here for that mod

Official Server Wipes? (46:36):

This is something that was always an unlikely chance to happen to begin with, but Tascha firmly put this one to bed. There will not be any wipes at all for any existing server. May 8th of 2018 will be the last such wipe we will see.

Crossbows? (50:34):

Back before the combat revamp, Crossbows were in the game. Funcom couldn’t get them to work right with the combat revamp, so they pulled them. Their assets remain in the dev kit, albeit in a not completely working state (as seen in the Crossbow and Bolts mod). The bad news for Crossbow fans is that, via Tascha during the stream, Crossbows will not be making any type of comeback at all.

When Will There be Treasure in the Game? (52:22):

This honestly felt like a bit of a weird question to me because there is treasure in the game. Legendary Chests, special loot drops, silver coins, the various random loot chests, and etc are all in the game already and definitely would count as a type of treasure. Maybe the player who asked wanted something like jewels and other such things they could find and sell? Not sure.

Why No Visible Road Map? (53:16):

The question was asked on where players can view a Road Map, or why there isn’t one (they mean content wise, and not what we have already with the Trello board). The player also felt that it would be fine if Funcom planned on a feature or content, put it on the road map, only for it to not happen. Here is the gist on why Funcom doesn’t use a public Road Map like this.

Funcom has found that for a variety of reasons, stuff that they have talked about in the past is either delayed or gets thrown to the back of the line for one reason or another. If Funcom talks about those features coming, and the inevitable delay or whatever happens, there are some people who find this as completely unacceptable in any form (fair criticism or otherwise).

It’s understandable for players to feel upset for delayed features they are really excited about, and all of us always want more stuff for their favorite games (no matter how new or old they are). Thus, Funcom’s current announce strategy is to instead to talk about an upcoming feature only when it’s nearly complete and ready to be shown.

Anyways, that’s my summary of how I understand it, but I encourage you to hear it from Tascha as she explains it in the timestamped link.

Turan Rhino Conversion Fix? (1:00:16):

Alright so right now, there is an issue that players have that makes its so you lose a Greater Rhino when you convert it into a Turan Rhino that has a larger carrying capacity. This is mostly intended, but Funcom wants to introduce some sort of pop up or notification of some sort in the future so that players are more aware what will happen if they complete the conversion process.

Feedback for the Stream: Have a Stream Where Funcom Plays with Other Players? (1:02:15):

Tascha liked the suggestion, so it’s a possibility for a future stream. Funcom is pretty open to new stream ides in general. Some other things they like to try and do sometimes is to visit private servers to see all of the unique things players have done (with or without mods).

Why does Turan Armor Grant Cold Protection? (1:02:46):

In the Stream, Jens was being cheeky and said it was because that’s how the designers, designed it.

The longer answer that was told off stream is because basically, there was a lot of feedback of players wanting more cold based armor. Thus, they made it so that Turan offered cold protection. Lore wise it doesn’t match up because Turan is a desert type region, but that’s the reasoning behind it.

Conan Unconquered Stream Soon? (1:05:28):

There will be a Conan Unconquered Stream, no exact date yet. It will be sometime before the game officially launches at the end of May. For those unaware, Conan Unconquered is an upcoming Survival RTS, made by Petroglyph and Published by Funcom. Many of the developers are veterans of other RTS games such as Command and Conquer.

To clarify, the Conan Exiles team is not a part of Conan Unconquered. Conan Exiles is made and published by Funcom, specifically via their offices located in Oslo, Norway. Where as Conan Unconquered is created by Petroglyph (who are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States) and at least partially funded by Funcom, who are the publishers. Publishers are basically largely are in charge of distribution and advertisement.

Any News on the New Dune Game(s)? (1:05:51):

No, all they will say is that they are working on a game from the Dune franchise and are understandably excited about it.

Is the upcoming Witch Doctor Feat a DLC? (1:06:36:):

It is not a DLC but a free update once it’s released (ETA is next week for the Anniversary).

Shoutout to Illspirit and all the modders for their hardwork (1:08:30):


Thanks again for doing these Dev Stream summaries Multigun. It keeps poor sods like myself with lousy internet and limited data informed. This was all pretty solid news for myself, with but 1 exception…

When I read this, I literally had a big “NOOOOOOOO…!!” moment. This is one feature which I was really hoping would return someday, even if they were essentially glorified reskins of Longbows. Multigun, can you please share any information you can as to why they wont be making a comeback? I mean do they ‘break’ the game, or is re-implementing them too time consuming, or is it because of balance (ie-thralls using them)? Anything you can share would be super appreciated. Edumacate me :slightly_smiling_face:

What you know is what I know. That’s all @Tascha said, that they won’t be making a come back. I have never played with the crossbows in the dev kit because it wasn’t of interest to me, but I do know that they aren’t fully functional out of the box based on comments on the mod I linked.

Thanks you so much for this summary Multigun

Amen :innocent::partying_face::heart::dizzy::revolving_hearts::dizzy::grinning:

Honestly I think for all of us playing pve / pve-c that would be like being stubbed to Death the idea of losing thousands of hours of gaming this way.

Even if I understand there are peoples who prefere the beginning phase of the game and not the level 60 phase, so I think the idea of a separate game mode (and separate servers) working with regular wipe outs could be not a bad idea.

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I know you said you personally hadnt used them, however, in what way were they ‘not fully functional out of the box’ on the mod, and what do you mean. Do they not fire, are unequippable, dont work as they are supposed to…?

They don’t fire where you aim them. I believe they are also missing animations, that’s based off a youtube video I watched where somebody used Pippi to pull the crossbows from the depths to play around with them.

Ah ok, so it sounds like they are only just barely still in the game, as a ‘residual’ of sorts.

Funcom likes to leave unused assets in the dev kit, whether it’s to let us play with, or just something that they hadn’t finalized yet for x,y,z (the special arrows were in the dev kit for a good month or two before they officially came out). There’s lots of unused stuff in there, even old mount assets from way back when (wwwaaay back when, talking like 2017 stuff). So it’s 0 surprise that they left Crossbows chill there for us modders to play with, in whatever state they were in before they were left alone.

Wow that is interesting. And cool. I knew Sinners Refuge has its nice coloured icon in the dev kit, but theres Mount files too…!? Im assuming that theyre not in working order?

Definetely not in working order lol. Otherwise there would be 14 different mount mods by now :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. So @Jens_Erik when are Mounts coming out?

Im only kidding, I know theyre cancelled. :laughing: Sorry, Im warped.

Take a drink Jens! :tumbler_glass:

And I’d still prefer for FunCom to change it. For lore reasons as well as for balance reasons since no medium armor with strength and heat resistance is in the game (as far as I know). We already have another cold resistent option with the Kambujan Shaman armor.
Also, cold resistance is useful in 1 biome while heat resistance would be useful in 3 biomes and considering both the volcano and unnamed city are warm, I think it’s an issue that needs to adressed.

Or give us a way to modify temperature resistance on armors.

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