Developer Stream Recap: August 29th, 2019

Dev Stream - 08-29-2019 - Written Summary

And we’re back, already, with another developer stream. Last week was about the type of content and changes coming in the next patch, while this dev stream was all about showing the new and very cool Blood and Sand DLC. It’s mostly a show and tell stream so there will mostly be links to timestamps and other things, rather then descriptive text this go around.

In today’s dev stream, we had:

Tascha - Community Director, on stream
Jens Erik - Community Manager, on stream
Nicole - Community Manager doing her thing from North Carolina in chat
Andy B - Community Manager stopping by to say hello in chat
Robert - Senior Game Designer, aka, robtheswede, made his usual disturbance in the force felt in chat

Useful Links:

Throughout the stream, Jens and Tascha referred to the upcoming changes discussed during last week’s developer stream with Alex (Conan Exiles Lead Designer). There wasn’t any new insight into those changes, instead I’ll refer interested players to my previous dev stream write up that went into much more depth then what was reviewed in today’s stream. That can be found below.

Also useful is the actual patch notes that can be seen on Testlive. The patch notes are specific to this version of Testlive and are not considered final, as well as they are platform specific to PC. Final patch notes for all platforms will be made available on the day of the patch, this is just in case people want to review what’s coming up as an early sneak peak.

PAX and Twitchcon (10:50):

Funcom does not have a booth at the upcoming PAX West event. There is a pre-PAX event that has a Microsoft open house where Conan Chop Chop will be seen, but that sums up the PAX presence for Funcom.

Twitchcon on the other hand, Funcom will be there for. They will have Conan Exiles, Conan Chop Chop, and Moons of Madness. Twitchcon is September 27th-29th. Tascha and Jens teased that there may be some Conan Exiles surprises at the event, but wouldn’t elaborate further.

When’s the DLC and Patch Coming Out? (12:27):

It was mentioned several times throughout the stream, but the release date for the Blood and Sand DLC, as well as update 37, will be on September 3rd to all platforms (PC, PS4, XBOX One). There might be a slight delay as they roll out the patches for each platform, but they should all come out on the same day.

Chosen of Asura for August 2019 (14:18):

A new member among the community has heard their true calling, and now worships Asura, as all Exiles should. No more false idol worships of Crom for them! Jokes aside, congratulations to the newest member of the Chosen of Asura, @Croms_Faithful.

On stream, Croms_Faithful was recognized for their efforts in advocating for the console platform in particular. Croms_Faithful has put in a lot of effort in recognizing and reporting console specific issues and bugs, has had a multitude of amazing suggestions overall, and has been a helpful member of the Conan Exiles community for a long while now.

For all other inquiries on what the Chosen of Asura is about, please visit the wiki link here.

Blood and Sand - DLC - Introduction (17:50):

Today’s stream is centered around the Blood and Sand DLC, which is the second DLC to be released for the Year 2 DLC pack. Internally, Funcom referred to this DLC as the “PvP DLC” as far as the theme.

New DLC Building Pieces - Show and Tell (19:12):

In total, there are 29 new building pieces in the DLC. These pieces can best be described for the use for Arenas (though I’m sure creative builders are going to find many, many, other uses for them). Builders everywhere will rejoice when they see inverted corner stairs, as well as archway (or vaulted) building options.

As is usual for DLC pieces, these building pieces are Tier 3. If you would like to view some still images from the stream, @Bodin took some screenshots and posted them here → New DLC - Pretty Cool - #8 by Bodin

Twitch Comment: Hey, the building pieces look great, how do they work with stability?
Robert: They have the same stability profile as ceiling pieces.

Twitch Comment: Are these new arches available with other building pieces (vanilla or DLC).
Robert: No.

God Power Status (22:25):

God powers are probably not coming back this patch. They are working to address more then one exploit with regards to god powers, and would like to bring them back only once they feel more comfortable doing so. They will announce when that will happen ahead of time.

More DLC Building - Show and Tell - Cool Castle/Arena (23:22):

Prepped ahead of time, this segment of stream was to further showcase the DLC building pieces in action. In particular, the arched gateways and doors were shown here, as well as further examples of where the vaulted ceilings could be used.

War Banner DLC - Show and Tell (24:42):

This time stamp includes visuals of the various war banners that come with the DLC (wall and ground based). There are 15 war banners in total that come with the DLC.

DLC Weapons - Show and Tell (28:57):

There are 19 total weapon skins in this DLC pack. The name given to the weapon set is"Bloodletter." The base weapons are available at level 10, and the high end one’s at 60 (as is usual with other DLC’s). Shown in the stream were the longsword, 1 handed axe, shield, bow, 2 handed hammer, mace, daggers, and 2 handed sword. These were followed by the short swords (in which there are 5 short swords that come with the DLC), and 2 Handed Axe (like the short sword, there are also 5 variations).

The 2 handed Spear was eventually shown at 55:20.

Twitch Questions, Related to Weapons. Answers via Robert

Twitch Comment: Does the short sword animations change with a shield or throwing axe?
Robert: The short sword has the same attacks with or without the shield/throwing axe.

Twitch Comment: Will there be new legendary weapons for short swords and 2H-Axes?
Robert: Not yet but later, yes.

Twitch Comment: Will the Lifeblood be fixed/repaired/returned to where it used tobe?
Robert: There is no plan on returning the lifeblood spear to what it used to be (which was a permanent healing potion basically).

Twitch Comment: Nerf Claws!
Robert: They have been nerfed in this upcoming patch

Armor - Show and Tell (37:47):

All three armor pieces shown are via Age of Conan (the MMO) armor sets. Their direct inspiration are taken from a Barbarian armor set, a Bear Shaman set, and a Assassin set. Still images taken from the stream can be found here, courtesy of @BodinNew DLC - Pretty Cool - #10 by Bodin

Heavy Armor - Female

First up is the Heavy Armor, as seen on the Female model. Barbarian armor set from Age of Conan.

Medium Armor - Female (39:29):

Bear Shaman armor set from Age of Conan.

Light Armor - Female (41:13):

Assassin armor set from Age of Conan.

Medium Armor - Male (43:27):

Medium Armor as seen on the Male Avatar

Heavy Armor - Male (44:06):

Heavy Armor as seen on the Male Avatar

Light Armor - Male (45:10):

Light Armor as seen on the Male Avatar

Whatever Happened to the Tascha Cosplay (44:10)?

For those who haven’t been around a long time, Tascha said she would cosplay the Zamorian Thief Armor set after a Twitter call out. Due to life events, the person who intended to assist Tascha with making this outfit was unable to fulfill that task. Tascha insists that she will for sure cosplay that outfit if another opportunity arises or somebody else is able to create the outfit.

Armor Stats (46:16):

The armors on stream that were shown were the base level 10 sets. It is likely they will be the equivalent of other previously released DLC’s in terms of total stat gains. Once again, @Bodin already has this all nice and written out (in the previous link with the Armor images). To directly quote Bodin and what was seen on stream, it is:

Heavy armor
Heat Resistance +2
Bonus: +3 Vitality; +2 Grit

Medium armor
Heat Resistance +2
Bonus: +3 Strength; +2 Vitality

Light armor
Heat Resistance +2
Bonus: +2 Strength; +3 Accuracy

Watch Jens Get Smacked in the Back of the Head by Tascha (47:50):

Nothing to say here, Jens and Tascha were just quiet for almost the entire stream, before Jens realized he made a silly mistake. Just funny to watch.

No Pet Skins or Warpaints in this DLC (49:12):

There isn’t any pet skins or warpaints for this DLC.

Dev Kit for Mod Authors - Released Early (57:40):

In an effort to help Mod Authors out, Funcom is releasing the dev kit a few days ahead of time. It was expected to be released shortly after the stream ended, but an issue occurred. Via Vodi (Tools Programmer at Funcom) on the Mod Discord, they hope to have the Dev Kit update out in the “morning” (meaning Norway hours. And may be out by the time you read this).

Mods on Console? No (59:53):

It’s been stated before in the past, but Funcom has no plans to add mods to consoles. It was discussed in the early stages of development, but the answer is a firm no at this point.

Shoutout to Insy for Creative 3D Printing Art (1:00:08):

Also shared on Conan Exiles Twitter Account, the Twitter account known as Incy Wincy Spider, shared an awesome 3D printed art they did of Derketo.


Nice work! And yeah, the stream itself was kinda quietly… (until she smacked him :smiley: :D)

And about the armor attribute-stats: Are this in the base versions? So epic-flawless has in total 9 or are the armors just worse compared to old DLC armors?

The ones shown on stream I believe were the base level 10 versions (Jens mentioned that sorta offhand). I would fully expect their stats to be the equivalent of every other DLC to date in terms of epic and epic-flawless. Translated, it would probably be something like:

Heavy armor
Heat Resistance +2
Bonus: +5 Vitality; +4 Grit

Medium armor
Heat Resistance +2
Bonus: +5 Strength; +4 Vitality

Light armor
Heat Resistance +2
Bonus: +4 Strength; +5 Accuracy

Is my guess. Though the armor experts out there, feel free to chime in on a more educated guess (@Wak4863)

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THE Heavy armor is using the barbarian medium armor from AOC. they could have used either the guardian or dark templar sets / conqueror set, which are naturally heavy armor in AOC.

barbarian armor is medium . same as bear shaman (which is ok as medium) assasin set , well done!.

do hope you consider bringing more of the other AOC armor into conan exiles.

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