Leaks from the DevStream

Here’s a few new leaks!

These are items seen in the Admin panel during the DevStream. They represent things that the Devs are working on, and may not make it into the game.


  • Bracelet mold
  • Anklet mold
  • Circlet mold


  • Devil’s Bonemeal
  • Rotten Devil’s Bonemeal


  • Skeleton Key
  • Coin mold

The above new items are in addition to the items I noted last stream. Here are last stream’s items:


  • Yellow, Black, Purple, Crimson, Grey, Golden, and Frost Lotus (likely rare plants, found in the different biomes, which can be used to make potions or war paint)
  • Obsidian
  • Dragon bone, Dragon horn
  • Pelts, Hides & Skins: Bear, Feline, Rhino, Bat, Elephant, Wolf, Hyena
  • Chitin
  • Feather (a new component, likely required to make arrows)
  • Claws
  • Goldstone, Silverstone

Alchemical Components

  • Gold and Silver dust
  • Lotus Powders (one for each type)
  • Raw Ash (a powder)

Crafting Components

  • Alchemical Base (looks like steelfire, but with a gold coloring)
  • Insulated wood (a resource crafted from wood and resin)
  • Throwing Axe Handle


  • Serpent-man War Spear, War Axe, Warhammer (Seems like a new enemy type)
  • Warspear of the Black Circle (Legendary)
  • The Staff of Epimetrius (Legendary)
  • The Brittle Bast.ard (Legendary)


  • Ivory Warhorn (perhaps an item that can be used to play a loud sound)
  • Pontoon (possibly a static dock-like structure, like a water foundation)

Nice! :slight_smile:

They have said that we won’t be able to repair legendaries but I wish they add a very expensive way to do so. One can only hope.


That list is very comprehensive. Thanks for posting.

This is the Horror Comic reader coming to surface here: what if we end up with insect/arachnid armor? That might be a suitable fallback tier as you’ve mentioned previously. I also still like obsidian weps/armor for the fallback tier, especially since the nodes I’ve seen are way challenging to reach.


I really feel like legendaries should be unbreakable and only one of each should exist in a server at the same time, that way they’d be valuable and people would really fight over them.

Maybe repair kit will do, but those promise good ! i can’t wait fo see alchemy now ><

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Kill monsters get the key drop find the box get loot easy enough

These new items are in addition to the items I noted last stream:

Is it possible to repost your post from last week here? Thank you!

They said the box can be unlocked with the key only from a lvl 60 player, so keep that in mind…

I really feel like legendaries should be unbreakable and only one of each should exist in a server at the same time, that way they’d be valuable and people would really fight over them.

You have idea of how broken that’d be for griefing right? I could steal or get one of those items and hide in a very secluded area and it’d take years for someone to find it, depriving the server from it… I could even amass all of them and hide all just for trolling… Thank god I’m no troll, and thank god your idea isn’t going to get implemented hahahaha

Just make it so if a Legendary stays inside a container or on the ground for more than X time (maybe 12 hours?) it de-spawns and goes back to a boss or loot chest and well, if you found a legendary and decided it’s “Too powerful and would break the balance of the world” you could hide it instead of using it, that’s like, your choice and a pretty dope RP and you would have to come back to the hideout every so often for it not to de-spawn so, good luck with that.

This is very true. Experience has shown that unique/rare items are squirreled away almost as soon as they are acquired. People are simply too scared they will lose them in combat or raids.

However, as long as the items are in a chest, somewhere on the map, there is some incentive for interested players to go on a personal treasure hunt for these ‘legendary’ weapons.

Conversely, I am in favor of ‘legendary’ weapons being of limited use.

Mechanically, a small boost to damage and power for a limited time is a great way to get players out in the field, scouring the land for keys and treasure. If there were only a single, indestructible copy of each weapon available at any given time, there would be no reason to go out in the field and explore and adventure once all weapons are found.

They are actually included in that post! I fixed that sentence to make it more clear.

I’m really excited for the changes to Legendary weapons. Especially that they will all be Level 60.

Previously there was a problem with them being mostly useless if you had out-leveled them. When my clan was at top-tier, we considered Legendaries to be much worse than the Starmetal and Black Ice that were our main weapons.

But if they’re all level 60, then they will all be better than the default craftable weapons. They are going to be powerful, and more difficult to get than craftable weapons.

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I’ll stick with what I think about them… They are fine as they are right now, they are getting buffed (which is great), but what Dominus is asking is to get exclusivity over the weapons given you are the oldest player in a server. They also are basically griefing tools for way too many reasons, better to have them be accessible by all players and have a limited duration than mimicking man-children’s lust for MMO-esque imbalance…
There’s a good reason why I don’t do MMOs, and this is one of them…

When I think of legendaries I think more of unique visuals than stat boosts, durability is not really a issue in higher tier weapons anyway and I don’t think having a limited supply of legendaries would make people lose interest in looking for them for 2 reasons.

1- It’s hard to know for sure they’ve all been found.
2- If you get word the one you want is in someone’s possession you can hunt him down and get it creating a interesting mechanic of competition over them.

It has nothing to do with a “man-children’s lust for MMO-esque imbalance.”, on the contrary, mmos are lame because every single person on the server can have the “Legendary Sword of the Ancient King” if they grind enough for it.

To reiterate, I don’t think legendaries should be vastly superior to standard high tier weapons, just a slight bonus, not enough that it would break balance and a nice exclusive look so you can show it of.

What’s the fun in owning Excalibur if one in every 5 guys have it too?

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Dominus, I totally see your point. It’s cooler if the Legendaries are truly rare. I remember when my clan had several "Tulwar of Al-Kharim"s laying around in our chests, that nobody would touch, because they were worse than the Black Ice weapons. But at that time, certain Legendaries dropped from specific NPCs, and we had many Tulwars but few of any other Legendaries.

It would be fantastic for Legendaries to truly feel legendary. Part of that is visual. But another component is their how they are to fight with. The devs were talking about how the Legendary weapons wouldn’t be necessarily more powerful, but they would have very distinct differences from regular weapons. There’s one called the ‘Brittle Bast.ard’, which no doubt is powerful but has low durability. I wonder what other kinds we’ll see.

It seems like different people will have different tastes in Legendary weapons, and there may be certain ones that really appeal to specific players. So if you hear that a player has the Brittle B, maybe you’ll seek them out to trade coin, or trade blows.

@Sigurd needs to lay off the ad-hominem. Doesn’t benefit the discussion. The things we talk about aren’t necessarily going to be directly picked up by the developers and implemented — the idea here is to discuss the ramifications of different dynamics that people suggest. If you don’t like an idea, it’s OK to say so, but don’t expect that to be the end of the discussion for all of us.


This Al-Kharim fellow looks like quite the avid sword collector… hahaha

I don’t know, I can’t help but feel like a limited durability without any way to repair detracts a lot from the legendary value, I’d be royally pissed to discover I wen’t after someone for a legendary only to discover I’ll lose it if I swing it 5-10 times at something.

To be really honest I don’t even feel like playing with legendaries because I’d have to go looking for a new one every so often and I haven’t got the patience for it, much rather make something almost as good but that I know I can easily get a new one whenever I need to.

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Did you see the Coin Mold they’ve shown in the last stream?


Oh right! I forgot to add it. Thanks.

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I found it weird, because they first said there would be NPC vendors and mobs would drop coins but then they said the coins had no inherent value and the players would decide themselves which one would be worth more and how much they would be actually worth and that we would be able to craft money with silver and gold we could gather on the world but the only reason silver and gold work as money in real life is due to their rarity and limited offer, how are they going to accomplish this player regulated monetary system in a infinite resources world without leading to super-inflation that would leave new players completely unable to be a part of the market in older servers?