Soooo chapter 3 teasers

I can’t help but notice no one is talking about the red ore and gem that CE posted on twitter. Feb 20th dev stream 11 EST

@Community What would be super cool is if you put these actual things talked about in the “leaks” into the actual game. The empty building, the red ore, the glowing crystal. Just saying that having these hidden into the game during one of the updates would be something that would drive the players insane with curiosity.


Eradication has a video or two up on them.

At this interval, there is insufficient data for this one to do anything other than make wild speculation and a possible (probably bad) joke or two.

Glowing red rock is magic.
Glowing red rock was on a work bench with a what look similar to jewelers tools (detail hammer, crucibles, ect)
Glowing red rock was in some sort of frame with aesthetics reminiscent of recent Acheronian items. Mostly the line work.

Will it be a new raw material to be worked at the casting table (that bench does need more love, it doesn’t do a whole lot really, especially compared to, say, the tinker table)?
Will there be new glowing red placeables?
Perhaps we can infuse sacrifice blood (remember, blood is the key) into black ice to make an even more ornery ore?
Will we be forging rings of power? Not that those don’t crop up in Hyborian lore on dark mage’s hands.
Is it to be a gem set into the wands to unlock more powers?

Too early to say.

This one just wants to see where Mek’Amoses is going with all this. Also, has the originator of the new sorcery that works with the bracers been seen in game? What if it’s a Toth Amon troll job, he does strike this one as the kind of guy to make a sock puppet sorcerer account to further an experiment.

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I think the “ore” is a huge give away. It’s going to be some sort of mineable resource. I do like the idea of smelting via the casting table but I’m going to assume it’s the good ole furnace but what use does it have?..perhaps it stores the corruption from you and into it?

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haven’t got the last one done yet.

If it’s a new mineable, what will it displace?
Ore chunks either spawn in the ground or drop from the skies. Stepping in star metal’s toes would be… Bleh.

Now, if it’s a new ore from a new dungeon…

As far as processing in the smelter, again, right next to a bread loaf, how… uninspired. If it required special fuels to smelt, such as that molten heart currently only on Siptah, that could be nifty. Alternatively, it could be refined at a sorcery crafting station. Combine red rock with two sacrifice bloods and a soul in a jar to make a red ingot.
Wait. Ingot.
We haven’t seen any ingots of this stuff and the finished item still seems rough in nature, not like a forged item, more like a jewel set in a frame.

This one’s biggest worry is that it will be red star metal and exist to make a few purely cosmetic placeables and gear that is just a dye job on meteroric iron equivalents.

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Given what I saw posted on twitter about a book with a diagram in it - I’m going out on a limb and saying it’s all for some kind of constructable golem/homunculi type dealio.


I know, it’s red lyrium!

Wait, no, wrong franchise…


I would agree. I hope they include perm. Undead in this as well(the skeleton models).

Coal. Get rid of coal.

Ever since they removed coal as a requirement for torches, coal has been rendered useless.

It is now only a distraction to those who are not yet enlightened enough to know to stop using it as a fuel source.

Seeing the teasers earlier I wondered something to myself. I thought surely it would not be the case…we have been asking for years now. But wouldn’t it be amazing if it was The Mummy of the Ring. This is the Age of Sorcery after all, and the Mummy itself is a product of sorcery controlled by and in servitude of Thoth-Amon. And Thoth-Amon did steal the sorcerous Serpent Ring of Set from the GiantKings. See his Journey Step descriptions below:

"So it comes to this – Thoth Amon, lord of the Black Ring, is the one who imprisoned you in the Exiled Lands. He seeks the artefacts that you have gathered and he is sending his black servant to collect them. Destroy the Servant of the Ring, by any means necessary.

When you placed the artefacts in the vessel, the Servant of the Ring was summoned to take them. You must defeat it!"

Then upon defeating him it is revealed:

“You have destroyed the servant of Thoth Amon and recovered the essence of the Serpent Ring of Set from its body. You now have a single final act to perform to remove your bracelet and leave the Exiled Lands forever.”

The Mummy of the Ring also grants the seventh artifact The Essence of the Serpent Ring for the Keystone.

Is this a bit of a stretch? Oh my yes, an enormous one! But just imagine how epic it would be to do battle with the Mummy of the Ring as a final boss for the the concluding chapter of The Age of Sorcery.


Hardened Eldarium :grin:


May it could be related to other attributes that cant be corrupted.

Not useless, just marginal. I use it every time I’m getting established on a new server, before I can produce enough oil and dried wood.

Nothing really needs to be displaced, either. If we don’t like that some stuff is too marginal, maybe they can give it more use later, but there’s no need to remove anything.

I use coal as main fuel, its easy to find and cheap.


Ohh boy… golem\automaton guard thralls would be sick!
I believe red ore is some kind of power crystals or cores, much needed to breath the life to the souless machines…


you got it.

Crystalized blood holding the souls of the sacrificed to power weapon and armor inlays.

Clearly you gain corruption with each inlay, so use them sparingly.

Oh - these inlays can only be applied to legendary weapons and armor making them relevant again.

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Doesn’t Arcos the Wanderer mention seeing people on the other side of the curse wall that are wearing bracelets with glowing red stones?

Maybe it’s related to that.

Coal is literally easier fuel. Using oil is dumb and a waste of resources that could go into crafting armor… Dried wood is also a waste cause insulated wood. Coal is literally the only viable fuel source.