Todays Dev Stream leak

Am I the only one who noticed? Not just their unintentional leak of a new building type - second from top right when they pulled up feats - but also LANCES for mounted combat I’m assuming, second or third from bottom left


Good eye.

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I see what looks like a lance. In your picture but building piece looks like a tree house piece. Maybe not have to look in game. Good spot I could only listen at work

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Not the treehouse platform the white block next to it looks different from the Acquilonian one I think

U might be right far left one looks like aquiline kind of bright when blown up on phone.

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Yeah. Im unsure of the new building style being 100% but the Lance one I am positive of!

I’m excited about catching this during the stream because at first I just didn’t catch it because of how briefly it was displayed during the stream. I rewound the video to re-listen to some of the closing info about thralls and it caught my eye.

It seems like there’s going to be quite a few new and interesting things coming to Conan and I can’t wait to get on Test Live and check this stuff out when it’s available!

Kinda hard to tell which foundation that one should be

Could be from Riders of Hiboria DLC

Yeah, I apologize for the bad quality I used my phone. But it does look like it might be a new building style.

Looks new. As Aqualonian has a different angle. And no other has such a square pattern on top.

Probably Riders DLC

Yeah. Snapped another pic of the stream and you can clearly see it’s not Acquilonian as it’s further to the left.


Yeah… Has to be new. 1 Item more :slight_smile:

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Yeah, on top of a whole new weapon type for mounted combat anyways :smiley:

Also, for anyone who wants to look themselves the leaked image of the new building type and lances can be seen if you pause Today’s Conan Stream at 1:00:29

I thought the announcement of lances for mounted combat was already referenced in the previous stream when they talked about adding mounts to the game.

Here is a better screen shot for this thread. :wink: Good catch! they actually made mention of it around 1 hour in.


So yeah, it is new and white.

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I believe with things in order in the screen shot, that may just be a Khorajan themed DLC maybe for riders, from what I was able to cross reference from Conan Omnibus:Ancient Gods and Sorcerers, Conan Omnibus: Mercenaries and Madness and the complete Chronicles of Conan about what Khoraja was like.

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“Specialist builder 4050” is the placeholder name for the new building feat.


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