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Hey Exiles,
does anyone have the time and the ambitions to make summaries of the Conan Exiles Streams? It would be cool to knew what are the hottest topics to discuss without watching the whole stream - and people like me who have only mobil internet at the moment still can be up to date :slight_smile:

@Raflmao, this isn’t exactly what you are looking for but you can read the transcript from the dev stream. Go to Funcom’s YouTube and click on the three little dots below the video. There will be a small window that opens with the option to Open transcript. It doesn’t always get the words correct but does give a readable version.


Link to their YouTube:

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Writing stream summaries is something I’ve wanted and considered doing. There was a lot of questions answered in the last one so I agree, some people may not have the time to watch the whole video. I can see about writing a summary of Friday’s stream and posting it on Monday. :slight_smile:


It would be nice for some of us, who translate in our own languages, the stream content for our friends and servers to have a nice written summary of the streams yes.

I’ve had enough of others using Google Trad’ :smile:

Well the stream is all about maybes. It’s more or less maybe we will add these or these to the game or maybe not.

Well, I do like going through the DevStreams and gathering info. This was a really entertaining stream, so not a bad one to watch through again. Plus, there was probably the most new content we’ve seen in a DevStream so far. Lots of great stuff coming up:

Neutral Cities

  • Some cities and camps will not be immediately hostile to the player
  • If the player attacks an NPC within, then all NPCs will turn hostile to the player
  • Some neutral NPCs will be quest-givers
  • Other neutral NPCs will be Lore NPCs

Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters

  • Set City (Sepermeru, Relic Hunters City) is first confirmed neutral city
  • Visual revamp, the buildings look better. There are more decals on the walls, and the texture looks better.
  • Sepermeru will have dancers to reduce corruption
  • Sepermeru will have a tavern
  • There are idle NPCs, patrolling NPCs, and head-tracking
  • If you attack an NPC here, everybody will turn hostile to you


  • Merchants will sell things in exchange for Silver or Gold coins
  • A thrall merchant (“Slaver”) is in development, to sell you random thralls. Sounds like Watto from Star Wars Ep. 1 (
  • Silver and Gold coins serve as the fundamental currencies. These currencies can be used to purchase many things from Neutral Cities.

Map Room (Teleportation)

  • Attune to Obelisks to be able to teleport to that Obelisk
  • Build a Map Room to be able to teleport (looks like a big round diorama)
  • The Map Room depicts the Exiles Lands as they were during the time of the ancients
  • Corruption zones around Obelisks reduce the ability to camp these teleport zones


  • Some enemies will deal Corruption damage (reduces max. health until cured)


  • New enemies coming up

Voice Acting

  • Many upcoming voices
  • Internal staff is voicing some NPCs (Jens gets his own NPC)


  • Ongoing testing
  • Internal playtesting going on next week
  • Might be shown next stream


  • Returned to full strength and full building-destroying potential
  • Derketo has a screaming attack, which kills with one half, and heals with the other half


  • Heavy armor will be buffed
  • Light armor is nerfed (less armor value, but better for dodge)
  • Bone armor is heavily hinted at


  • Dodging is becoming worse for heavy armor (fewer I-frames)
  • Dodging goes further for light armor


  • (Maybe) Brimstone arrows will be able to ignite grease orbs by launch
  • Obsidian weapons are heavily hinted at

Perk Changes

  • Some perks are being removed
  • Vitality 50 perk (Bronzed Physique) moved to Survival 50 and reduced by 10%
  • Survival 50 perk (Antidote of One) moved to Survival 40
  • Survival 40 perk (Gluttonous Gains) moved to Vitality 50
  • Encumbrance 30 perk (Grounded) removed, replaced by a perk relating to durability loss
  • Encumbrance 40 perk (Pack Mule) moved to Encumbrance 30


  • Exploration XP was heavily nerfed
  • Journey XP has more entries, and was slightly increased

Bedroll System

  • Bedrolls are no longer single-use
  • When you place a bed, you are automatically bound
  • When you place a bedroll, all other bedrolls (which are bound to you) are automatically destroyed
  • (Maybe) you will have the choice to spawn at 1) Your bed 2) Your bedroll 3) Desert
  • (Maybe) A new buff will be added to notify players when they are not currently bound


  • The problem where players could build floating buildings atop some trees has been fixed internally

Development State

  • Nearing content lock, when everything that will be in the game for Day One must be already in
  • After content lock will come bugfixing

Thanks so much!