What are the Age of war devstream castle foundations?

I can’t post a picture since I just joined the forum, anyone knows what are those palisade like foundations the castle in the devstream for the age of war had? They look like made of vertical logs and look like 4 tall by 1 wide.

At 33:50 is insulated wood, T2 building pieces.

I think those are the new building set that comes into the bazaar at some point.

37:09 looks like the new “lost dungeon” set on the walls and possibly on the floor. Im not sure about those pillars, I think they are something that is yet to come.

But devs really need to fix the heroic treasures vanishing when placed on floors…

Not the normal folundations, the ones at the exterior walls at 1:11:26 in @DeaconElie 's posted video, I think the launcher video shows them being placed and they are really tall being one piece. My guess is it might be something not released yet like @Immortalowl said.
I like the look of slanted walls for some buildings but I can’t replicate it with current building pieces, that oine might work.

That the asier building set will show up later

Aesir set, it’ll probably be on the bazaar in 1 - 2 months.

Admin panel set preview:

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Yea something else for me to not spend funcoms money on. Bets it will be selling; or not, at 3X the price DLCs used to be, and with only a third the content.

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