About fences and foundations, I have a couple serious complaints about the Nemedian DLC Id like addressed

First, is the Fences. They can be climbed right over. They have no spikes on them at all to prevent climbers. In a tier 3 build piece intended for use as exterior walls this is unacceptable. It becomes useless compared to the others. This however, seems to be being looked at by the devs (good on them)

My second and biggest complaint that id seriously like addressed however, is where the heck are the stone foundations and fence foundations? We finally have a decent looking, actually GORGEOUS looking, medieval eurpopean style castle walls and you give us WOODEN foundations for it? This is insanely immersion breaking. How on earth are a few logs nailed together going to hold the weight of an ENTIRE CASTLE weighing upwards of several thousand tons? They look great for interior rooms and even wooden walls, but come on! Whoever heard of a stone castle built on top of wood!?

To whoever designed this amazing looking set PLEASE add an alternative foundation of that gorgeous stone brick. I have been absolutely desperate for good looking medieval stone walls since the release of this game. The yamatai cobblestone just doesnt cut it nearly as well as this look does especially with that bamboo tatami mat on it, it just needs the different stone foundations with stone floors, and maybe ceiling pieces and it will be absolutely PERFECT! I am literally even willing to toss a couple more bucks in if this happens. This has been my favorite DLC yet but I cannot stand the idea of building stone on top of wood like this.



indeed the wood foundations don’t fit. It seems they wanted a nice wooden floor for inside, so they chose an inside wooden floor, not the outside stone. But as the barn theme has also 2 foundation types, they may just have forgotten the second type. ofc. no medieval stone castle looks like this.


You nailed it about the foundation thing, I totally agree. I mean, who would build rock walls on top of a wooden foundation? Wood rots, compresses, warps. . .it makes no sense, AND it just does not look good.


and this

I tried different DLC looks, but none really fit. I love this DLC but hate the foundations. One flaming arrow and it all comes tumbling down.



I’m fine with another fence not having anti climb. With or with out spikes. We NEED more of those. XD

Or maybe 2 versions of every one. Spike and Non Spike… BUT, they could also go back (and they said they wont) to old DLC and fix a few things.
Angle/Corner Stable/Lattice/Arena. Make Stable Pillar(with fence) actually have stability.

Few suggestions to some of older dlc’s… most slip my mind. (since staff mention not wanting go back on them, so kinda gave up on ideas)


Yeah the wooden floor looks great! In fact i wish the log cabin look had mataching walls, windows and door frames so we could make super rustic looking wood and thatch peasant homes. But it doesnt fit for castle themed pieces.

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Right?! And the wierdest part is despite the foundation visually having 0 stone in it, it still costs hardened brick. Makes no sense. And youre right, your build looks fabulous until you get down to the foundations, which makes it look silly. They look like they are from a totally different building set! Like a tier 1 or two log cabin set. Seriously, why isnt there just a tier 2 log cabin? Its JUST insulated wood and brick,


Yeah but unlike the stable pieces, which were part of a larger dlc with a themes, these ones were just decorative, theyre a full blown building set. A tier 3 building set. If they had an anticlimbing mechanism of some other sort, like wall mountable spike strips, that be different. But theyve set a standard need for anticlimbing defenses with the addition of climbing so its become a needed resource with all of the dlc, otherwise the pack becomes inferior woth the same cost and not just cosmetic.

God i wish they would do that. There was talk of it i believe after shadiversity made a video on it, but they never did. Hopefully they at least recitfy this though. Cuz honestly with the combination of these issues, in its current state i cant recommend it to anyone in good conscience. This as a whole looks like a massive oversight. Ive bought literally all of the DLCs and in my opinion, this and the arena pieces are the best looking ones by far. But the lack of matching foundations make it such a let down.

All DLC is t3 thou, Design wise they don’t need spikes.

Looking at Nemedian stuff… I don’t see need for it to have spikes. Its style is more House/Castle.

I get PVP wise… why people want it.

Foundations need touch up for sure.


So true with the foundations. Now I have to do the same tedious construction like with Black Ice (I don´t like the look of Bl.Ice-fence found.). Instead of foundations I let wall pieces hang from ceilings into the ground. -Using wooden foundations for a stone castle is ridiculous.
Didn´t know that the fences have no anticlimb, but I like that the two sides look so different.
…please no spikes anywhere!


On a personal level, I like the foundations and especially fence foundations. However, I would strongly prefer if the fence foundations matched the wall/fence style.
I definitely see how they aren’t the solid base for a keep one would look for. Usually the timber is the upper floor while stone is the lower.

My best temporary solution involves stable fence foundations. There is some wood, but they are mostly stone.
There is also a somewhat time and resource intensive method for putting a wall layer over the outside of a foundation piece. I haven’t tried it in awhile, so it may not hold any longer.
Even if it’s out, one can pick a not outward facing side to be a fence foundation and build ceilings out from that, then walls down from there. Or place pillars under ceilings and build walls down.
A pain in the @$$ to be certain, and not nearly as durable, but if the looks are the key, it’s doable.

To note, I would also like the Nemedian foundation and fence foundation patterns as a wall for a timber build set. It’s also great for stockades and other curtain walls.

On to the fences.
I would very much like a split between anti-climb fences and decorative fences.
The Machicolation look of the Nemedian fence is perfect for ramparts. But it doesn’t have any obvious pointy bits. But come to think of it, neither does insulated wood and it still inflicts the stabbins.
It does serve a small purpose, it interrupts pathing and may prevent thralls from wandering off the roof.

TLDR, while I adore their designs, I would much prefer if future DLCs had a strong agreement between fence fountain and wall/fence style.


I mostly agree with you on the foundations. Myself, Ill use the whole wood ones and say “its timber boards atop stone”, but that would only be for the interior.

That said, I’d definitively love to have a stone based alternative for outside areas, for Foundations AND fence foundations.

The wooden stuff looks great, I refuse to take that away from the artists, but it doesn’t aesthetically suit exteriors like stone does.


I love the vaulted ceilings too, but stone alternatives would still be absolutely beautiful additions. Im thinking for areas youd need support or wouldnt want wood, like a Kitchens cellar, or storage under a forge.

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I went with the reinforced stone for now. It is a little off color, but looks better han the wood base, IMO.


Yes please!


I was thinking Arena might look good as well, although it’s darker, so it won’t blend as well, but could make for good color contrast


Just be careful, I just lost a chest full of Legendary weapon repair kits and an Improved preservation box full of meat when I replaced a foundation they were sitting on. That has never happened to me before.


Well then we need something to prevent climbing. Otherwise its just really tough decoration and not really a fucntional base building piece.

Yeah i saw |BARDEN| doing that on his youtube channel and it just looks sooooo tedious and resource consuming to do that just to give the illusion that your castle is stable. Personally id like it if spikes were like, something you can attach seperate from fences

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Id LOVE a timber set for a rustic cabin look. I thought from the beginning it was super wierd that the original tier 1 was stone instead of logs. I say keep the wooden foundations for a timber set and add stone foundations to match the walls and fences.

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Exactly! I agree entirely. Many rooms in interiors of castle shave wooden flooring so its make sense for interior floors, but the outside is an issue.