Can we please get People Of The Dragon stone fundations?

As the title says. Building a castle of stone on foundations of wood makes no sense. Its extremely immersion breaking. I paid for this DLC to build a medieval castle, not 1000 tons of solid stone built upon rickety wood. We need stone foundations and fence foundations. This needs to be addressed and fixed. There are no good medieval brick foundations in the game. This dlc SHOULD have solved that.


This would be solved easily if we could just attach a wall in a foundation, like we do with the fence foundations.
We already have the right to first build a wall and then put a foundation behind it, so if it worked and the other way around then you could have one solid structure sight in all of your build without stability issues. I say stability issues because there are techniques to build this way as the game is right now.


I totally agree with this, but I think that the arena foundation is a pretty good match for the Nemedian wall stone color, at least.


This would definitely help, yes. Though stone floors woukd be nice too.

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I dont think the colors work well. Ive seen others try but its just ehh

If you are using mods, LBPR allows you to cover foundations with walls.

Floor is floor, it’s inside your estate so you can use every possible dlc. For example I love the mix and match of turanian foundation flooring, and for the straight ceiling I prefer the pict.
Other than that, you will never see the material of the wall on the floors too, except we speak about monuments. This was the reason I believe they did wooden foundations.

And let us rotate the tops of the arched ceilings, you can’t get the timbers to face the same direction and it’s annoying asf

Thank you for this thread, as this can’t be said often enough.

This is a huge design flaw and I feel confident when I say, in the eyes of most people.

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I suspect it might be to make foundations less pretty so you don’t spam buildings and Great Walls of China out of just foundations.

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