My work in progress Medieval castle so far

I have not enjoyed building in a long time, but I am loving this new DLC build. I have a work in progress castle across from my existing tavern and I am about half finished but just had to share a few pictures so far of my progress.


This looks awesome! :heart_eyes: :scream:
How long did it take you to get that far? It looks like a perfect medieval european castle.


I have been working on it night and day since the DLC release. . .lol
When I saw the demo video, I knew I was going to be hooked.


Same here :grin:

Did you do all the farming by yourself?! :laughing:


I was sure that it would be something inspiring, damn sure, you have it girl, aaaaa lot.
Now let’s speak about some freaking details…
I asked from @anon83039162 not an hour ago, on psn to give me her opinion about the fence foundations.
I don’t say the foundations are not good looking but their volume make the build loose the line a bit and it’s unfair.
So… Same question to you, witch fence foundation is matching better?

The wood looks of the foundation is too dark so it wins the open color of the walls, I believe it has to be handled either with fence foundations or the wall technique.

Again, IT IS AMAZING, just goofing details, chit chat :wink:.


I do all of my own farming, and it is taking a TON of rock and wood.


I usually never use fence foundations, they seem awkward to me and I have a hard time with them.

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The moon rising over the Southwest Tower


In any case, I will send you the wall technique I use. It is just sharing info between us nothing else, your build needs nothing else than you keep building it and us, inspired, envy it :wink:.
My wall technique

Building in cliffs you find these issues, so all you have to do I build another foundation low and break all the above to replace with ceilings

Then you build the walls and fill the gaps with foundations. If you first put foundations then you cannot place walls, so first walls then foundations.

When you finish with the line you can remove the ceiling and the foundation bellow, now the walls are attached to the foundations and not the ceilings.

To be able to continue you might find difficulties like this

You place a ceiling and walls up and down of the ceiling

And you continue building keeping one material face.
Ofcurce this can be dangerous monotony to a build, it needs to break great faces with walls, this is the miracle of architecture.
Unfortunately I am just a builder, so I cannot fix something so beautiful, I can only build it beautiful :wink:.


My question would be, can you cover the foundations with the fence foundations? I love the rock look but not so much the wood look of the foundations.


Yes… Buggy but yes, all you have to do is start from the lower foundation . It will break your b… ls but it will be done.
The question is… Which?


I didn’t try Arena because I don’t have this dlc, maybe it matches better

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I’ll try it and see.

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So I do not really like

it over the wood, I guess.


I totally agree, try the fence foundations of the same dlc, they have metallic pieces on

I am thinking stable fence foundations, but I am not sure yet, I will see

In 20 I ll log in to test

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JJ this looks AWESOME! Great job. I’m going to try and do something like this on my server too.


yes… this is also how you can create an offset of one vertical level down
if you want to shift upwards, you have to use the pair, wall / foundation creating a 2 level shift
I am very surprised, I thought it was a common and extremely popular technique
I personally use the foundations a lot for modeling, and then I create the dressing with the closing foundations, their pattern is much less repetitive (according to the dlc)
once modeled I break the foundation

So, between no fence foundations and fence foundations I believe that the fence foundations win

Now, I really like stable fence foundations but I don’t think they match so much, however this changes with the environment you build. I find it more proper however (as a builder :rofl::rofl::rofl:), stone walls to stand on stone foundations. But it doesn’t win in beauty the dlcs fence foundation.

But, you can play on neutral colors too, but not in this build, it has a character and it must remain this way. Yet for future buildings you can use the white marbles of argosean dlc, since they have 2 sides and the black of the storm glass.

To be exactly honest the black of the storm glass would be the only one I would match, it’s neutral and dynamic, but not in this build I believe.

Still it is always your choice, the build you made is MAGNIFICENT as it is, I just felt for awhile that I was playing the game with you and it made me happy.
Thank you


The stormglass looks the best.

I pretty much finished the main infrastructure. Just a few small details on that. That actually wore me out, I stayed up all night lol.

The main castle

The backdoor out

The walls along the northside cliffs

The southwest Tower

The front side facing south

Inside facing south


WTF, that single part of the castle looks amazing at night…
It gives me the will to sneak around it, get inside behind the pikemen and go right into the tavern! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: