When can we have wall versions of foundations?

So, there are a few things I would like to see in the future.

Wall versions of foundations. For example, Yamatai foundations have a nice stone layout, but when you don’t need a foundation, or want to patch up stairwell gaps, you have to use the “paper/wood” walls which doesn’t look quite right in compared to if the stone was used.

Floor tiles, along with tiles that look like the layout of the top of a foundation. Yes, we can use ceiling tiles, but they can be rugged looking, some having spikes, or bumped up frames. Take Black Ice for example. The ceiling looks nothing like the foundation’s top nice wood brick layout. Would like something of that sort.

Walls with various cultural patterns on this inner side. Also, different shades/colors of current foundations, walls, etc.

Rugs. Need way more rug variations. From mat size to room size. Round ones too.

Even though it seems we have a lot of choices, it also seems really restricted. In comparison to mods, where they seem to quickly produce a large array of construction choices. I don’t use mods, as the private server I play on does not use them. I understand Funcom needs some extra income with DLCs, but there are basic things that should be in the game that isn’t and shouldn’t be at the cost of a DLC. A DLC should be for new cultural and exotic items and building blocks.


Yeah, i love the stone look of the foundations on Yamatai. But those walls. those ugly, ugly walls.

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Uh…that’s exactly what the DLC packs are?

They are literally content that adds new cultural items to the game.
You get armor that those people make and use.
You get weapons that those people make and use.
You get buildings to make your home in their style of construction.
You get either placeables to furnish your home in that racial style, or else you get pet skins to make your animals look like those that racial group would have in their homeland.

There is nothing wrong with the Yamatai walls. That is how they are meant to look. It’s a traditional Japanese style, and that is what the Yamatai are based off of. Why should it look any different than that?

Personally I’d rather they gave us a wider wall piece with a sliding door, rather than the bulky wooden one.


Not my taste. And they clash hard with the simpleness of the foundations basic stone cream color. I am sure some like it, but i really wanted to build a stone base, and I don’t like stacking foundations, due to i am on PVP, and they tend to all come tumbling down if the bottom is destroyed. That, and to be semi-efficient, i use black ice pillars, ceilings and walls for the parts of the base that are not visible, and my DLC of choic for interior and exterior parts.
Building in all hardened brick is way to time consuming. Black Ice makes a great “infarastructure” material.

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Well I hate to tell you this, but the Japanese didn’t routinely build with all stone. Sure they had some huge castles with it, but for most normal construction they used simple wood and paper.

And the reason for that is the fact that Japan had a lot of natural disasters, and a stone house would fall over and kill people. Paper and wood houses, not as likely to do so. It was a reason why the Japanese were pretty damned severe to those careless with fires.

So the Yamatai in general just aren’t a thing for you. You’d do better with one of the other races, that actually did do a lot of stonework in their buildings.

But there is no reason at all to complain about the Yamatai. They were true to Japanese style with that, as it should have been. That DLC alone is definitely at 10/10.


Also window shutters would be nice, we can build elevators, but rope Bridges and windows and shutters are just out of the survivors technological grasp… Hmmmmm? Seems strange.

I assume the lack of windows is due to this being an extremely warlike time period. Windows are easy to break and access a building or room. That’s why we have the smaller “arrow slits” instead. It’s a defensive thing, more than anything else.

As far as elevators go, there is this:

Rudimentary elevators are known to have been in use in ancient Rome as far back as 336 B.C., with the first reference of one built by the talented Archimedes.

So it’s not as far-fetched to have those. And they are probably more a QoL thing than anything else.

Glass, however, is an entirely different matter. It’s one thing to make glass containers, beads, etc. It’s something more to make perfectly clear glass such as we have today. Historically, it took quite a long time for glass to reach that point. Specifically:

During 15th century Venetian glass blower, Angelo Barovier, crated cristallo, nearly colorless, transparent glass.
The earliest known man made glass are date back to around 3500BC, with finds in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia.

So in the time of Conan, glass for windows probably would be next to impossible. They simply could not make a flat pane of glass to set into a window like that. It would probably be too fragile, and they likely could not get it completely clear. Which would hinder light coming in as well.


Ahhh thanks for the info.

I don’t think you quite got what I was saying.

Of course DLC’s are for new building blocks, etc. I’m stating mods are ahead of the game with the amount of variety they offer. There’s no reason Funcom can’t do this either. I’m fine with purchasing DLCs, but there’s needs to be more included especially with the time gaps between them. Tossing in some free furniture, pottery, rugs, etc. every now and then couldn’t hurt. The last cultural DLC (Frontier?) was only building blocks, armor, and pet enhancements. I think Yamatai was the same thing.

As far as the Yamatai goes, most of us don’t need the history lessons. We know. Having standard wall and sloped versions of foundations whether it be Yamatai or Khitan, etc. would be a great addition. Having better flooring instead of using ceilings (ex. t3 stone and black ice) would be very nice to have. Building is a major part of the game. The more variety there is, the more creative people can be.

What I miss the most (The Forest had it): Sliding-rope, to slide down from a hill for fast exiting… (and yeah, I know you can jump down and hold on the wall, but its not the same).

Grappling hooks instead of mountaineer gloves would have been awesome

atlas may have (mostly) flunked (still watching it though) it did have awesome grapples… allowing you to climb, swing, and reach hard to find locations… would love to see those in conan… perhaps even bow launched?

Zip lines maybe. That’d be sick. Not to get off track.

Mod designers don’t have restrictions, quality checks, or having to deal with Sony scrutinizing everything before they allow it to be given to us, either.

Funcom has to pay people to work on stuff like this, mod designers don’t.

One reason we aren’t getting a huge number of placeables is the fact the game would lag like hell from all the bases flooded with this. If it were a SP game it wouldn’t matter because you wouldn’t have nearly as much of that.

But online with dozens of players? Yeah, that’s a problem.

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